Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Day I Bought So Much I Couldn't Carry It All

Over the last May bank holiday a friend and I decided to take a trip to Birmingham.  We decided to make a weekend of it so traveled up there by train on Saturday morning, went shopping all day where we quite literally shopped until we dropped and struggled to carry it all.  Then we went back to the hotel to get ready and went for dinner and a night out.  On the Sunday we went to Slam Dunk festival which you can read about here.  On Monday we checked out of the hotel, went for breakfast and looked in a few more of the shops before catching the train home.  I dread to think how much we spent.  But it was a much needed shop!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

May's Adventures

May was a nice month.  I kicked off the 1st May by waking up bright and early to compete in a 5k race.  It wasn't the best I had ever performed but I think that is understandable considering I had just completed London marathon the previous weekend.  The next day I then went on to do Milton Keynes marathon, which was horrendous.  If I learnt anything that day, it's to not run a marathon a week after the last, no matter what your best friend says.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Slam Dunk Festival 2016

This May bank holiday brought Slam Dunk Festival, my first festival of the year.  Slam Dunk Festival is held from Saturday to Monday.  Saturday's festival was held in Leeds, Sunday in Birmingham and Monday in Hatfield.  I went to the Birmingham venue.  Having previously only been to the Hatfield festival I hoped that Birmingham would be just as good, and it was!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Another Saturday, Another Shopping Trip

Last Saturday I headed off to Milton Keynes, I wanted to get one thing.  When I left Milton Keynes I was carrying a few bags... Ooops.  I got 5 items, I could have done more damage.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Start of Festival Season

Summer is comingggggg, yes it is!!  With summer comes my favourite time of the year: FESTIVAL SEASON!!  This bank holiday weekend I am heading off to Slam Dunk, a day festival with the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Of Mice and Men, New Found Glory and Mayday Parade playing.  There are many festivals happening all over the country this May bank holiday weekend including BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend - Who's going to that? Jealous!

With festival season comes that all important question.  What do I wear?!  It can be a tricky one, the weather can change with the blink of an eye and you need to be prepared! I have a choice of three outfits for my first festival of the year and I cannot decide which one to wear! If only the festival was 3 days long!!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mini Saturday Haul

It was a Saturday and I didn't have anything planned, in fact it was my first day off in months where I didn't have any plans.  It was nice at first, I had a lie in, I lazed around, and then I got bored quickly.  So I took off to Bicester Village to have a nose around and I didn't go too wild but bought a few bits.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

London Marathon: My first marathon experience

It's done.  I did it.  My marathon training is over.  I finally ran the London Marathon on Sunday 24th April and I am proud to say that I completed it in 5 hours and 10 minutes.

My friend and I got the train down to London on the Saturday.  I had a small bag with some belongings.  We were going into the unknown.  I was putting pressure on myself to perform well.  As we sat on that train I said to my friend: I feel like I'm going into the hunger games.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Netflix and... Zzzonked Out

I am aware that I have abandoned this blog in the last week and I may have to continue to do so until next weekend. I have the London marathon next weekend and with concentrating on the end of my training, working crazy hours (last week I worked 10 days in a row including two 12 hour shifts) and trying to maintain other areas of my life such as pole practice, I almost have no time for sleep!

In the evenings I have been getting into bed far later than I usually would, and as I can't switch my mind off and go straight to sleep I like to put on a TV show, and I'm almost asleep within 10 minutes.  Hence the title of this blog post.  Anyway, I am going to share my current five favourite TV shows with you.

Image Source

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Mission Complete: First holiday of the year

I am now back from my little trip to Spain. I had a lovely four days away! It was so nice just to chill out, relax and not have to think about work... or do any work.  We spent some time on the beach, we spent some time exploring, and I even went for a 3 mile run on the beach one day which was so nice.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Spain in Spring: Day Four

Today is my last day in Spain, boooooo.  I hope you are having a great Saturday.  Hopefully the weather is being good for my last day.  So today is my final Spain outfits post.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Spain in Spring: Day Three

It's Fridaaaayyyyyy!!!! Plus it's the 1st April!  HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!  Today I bring to you day three of my Spain outfits post.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spain in Spring: Day Two

Yesterday's post demonstrated which clothes I packed for day one of my trip to Spain.  Today I am back with day two of my Spain outfits posts.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spain in Spring: Day One

I have had the last week off work and all I wanted to do was relax and chill out.  It's been mental at work recently and I have been working six days a week so I couldn't wait to do whatever I wanted.  However the last thing I did was relax and chill out.  I have been so busy!! It's always the way.

Then I went and booked a last minute trip to Spain so this morning I was awake at 3am and happy to be heading to the airport.  As I am away for the next few days I am going to do a series of pre-planned, outfit posts, showing you the clothes I took to Spain.

I found it extremely difficult to pack as I only took hand held luggage, and I didn't know what the weather could be like.  My phone was telling me it would be sunny one day, rainy the next day, and windy the next.  So I tried to mix and match my outfits the best I could.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March Empties

How is it the end of March already?  I blinked and it's already the 29th March.  What is going on?!  I have been so busy this month I have had no time for myself whatsoever, however I do seem to have had time to use up a few products which is what I am going to show you today.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Marathon Training - The Long Runs

After consuming our body weight in chocolate yesterday, let's think about exercise.  Everyone who knows me must know by now that I am running the London Marathon on the 24th April which is now JUST UNDER FOUR WEEKS!! Help.  You can check out previous updates of my marathon training here.

Today I am going to talk about the long runs.  Those dreaded grueling long runs.  They're not that bad.  Really.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter!


Image Source

I hope you are all enjoying chocolate filled breakfasts, I know I will be.  Every diet is allowed to be forgotten today.  It's Easter!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Maria's Festival Guide

It's fast approaching my favourite time of year...


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Little (mostly Primark) Haul

This morning I bring to you, the first of it's kind, my very own haul video on Youtube.  Ta daaaaaaaa!!

I ummed and ahhed about posting this and in the end I was like, Maria just go for it.  I really enjoyed filming this and hope that it's the first of many more to come.  Maybe in a year I can look back on this video, cringe a little, and realise how much I have improved.  Because let's be honest, there's room for improvements.  Including the quality - it was great before I uploaded it to Youtube.  What happened?  If anyone has any tips on this please do let me know!

I would actually like to improve upon my public speaking (you know, for interviews and making presentations at work and stuff).  I can be quite mumbly and softly spoken at times and I feel like that this will improve with practice.

Do you have a Primark haul video or blog post you would like me to check out?

Friday, 18 March 2016

Thursday Shopping Spree

Thursday was such a sunny day! I woke up early, went to a spin class, and by the time I was showered and ready for the day it was looking gorgeous outside.  Of course it is still only March so I had to wear a coat but I wore sunglasses for the first time this year!

I headed into town in search of a maxi dress for my upcoming trip to Spain.  I had a spending limit and said that I could buy 1 maxi dress, 1 strapless bra and one moisturiser from Lush that I had my eye on.  All things I needed, nothing that I didn't need.  Well, I didn't get a maxi dress and I didn't even go into Lush but I did buy a strapless bra... as well as the whole of Primark.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato is one of my favourite and most eaten foods.  One of my favourite foods ever is sweet potato fries but I have never attempted to make my own.  The word fries alone makes it sound unhealthy.  The other day I was really craving some sweet potato fries so I decided to make my own.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Sometimes I like to dress up and go out

All I seem to have done in February is work so when my friends decided to go out for a meal last week I was totally up for it.  I had just been on a shopping trip and was excited to wear my new purchases! I believe this is my first outfit post! So please be nice :)

Sunday, 13 March 2016

February Favourites

Is it too late to do a February favourites blog post?  I have been meaning to do this for the last two weeks but have just been so busy lately!! At the moment I am working 6 days a week whilst trying to squeeze in marathon training, pole practice and gym sessions, then using that extra day to fit in my long run (you can see my marathon posts here).  This has left me feeling exhausted and no time for anything else! I keep thinking of blog ideas then writing them down and not being able to act upon them yet because I have no time right now! So frustrating.  Anyway, that is just a little catch up on what I have been up to.  Enough moaning and onto my favourite things in February.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

7 reasons why I am glad I applied for a marathon

Almost a year ago when I applied for the London Marathon, I didn't actually think I would have any chance of even getting in.  Then there's the first run I did back in October.  I only just completed 2 miles, my lungs hurt, my legs didn't know what was happening and I thought there was no chance of me being able to run a marathon.  Then there was my knee trouble.  Iliotibial band syndrome is a bitch.

But nonetheless I am still glad that I applied for the London Marathon and this is why:

1. Motivation
Before training for the marathon I did exercise.  I have a gym membership and I attended classes and sometimes went into the gym.  There were weeks when I went three times a week, which I thoought was a lot, there were weeks when I didn't go.  Now, I exercise almost everyday.  Because I have to, but because I also want to.  I feel motivated.  I don't just feel motivated to exercise, I feel motivated to do other stuff too now.  If I wake up early to go for a morning run or gym session, I then feel motivated to achieve loads in my day.

2. Fitness
Like I have said, it's not like I was a lazy slob before but my fitness levels have increased SO MUCH!! I can really tell the difference and I am loving it.  I am able to go faster and for longer on my runs and I am able to work at a much harder level in the gym.  I think I might be the fittest I have ever been in my whole 25 years of existence. I am super proud of this.

3. Looking good
I can officially say, this is the first time in my life I have been able to see my abs.  I knew they were in there somewhere!! My stomach is far flatter than it's ever been and my legs feel far more defined.  Even if no one else could tell the difference, and just I could notice it, I would be happy, but other people have commented on it as well.  I feel great!!  Which brings me nicely onto the next section.

Image Source

4. Diet
My diet has always been good (for the last 2 years) but it has increased dramatically and is so much better.  I'm not on a diet, I just have a good diet, and I enjoy my food.  This includes alcohol.  A year ago I used to drink every weekend, now I drink about once a month and my body loves me for it!!

5. Confidence
This ties in with looking good and fitness. I was never terribly un confident about my body, but since I have seen improvements I feel so much more confident about my body.  Before, I would be self conscious about wearing a bikini, now I cannot wait to go on holiday and strut about in a bikini with my new found confidence.

6. Achievement
I love a challenge and I love feeling success.  Every time I run a longer distance, or beat my previous fastest time I feel success.  When I did the half marathon, crossing that finish line was such a great feeling.  I had done it!!  I love each step of achieving and it leaves me wanting to achieve more.

Image Source

7. Challenging yourself
As I have said, I like being challenged.  I like setting targets and getting to those goals step by step.  It not only gives me a sense of achievement but motivates me and keeps me going.  These days I never think, oh I can't do it.  I think I will do it and will work out a way to get there.

Are there any goals you have set out to achieve this year?

Monday, 22 February 2016

Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownies

It was a Friday night, I was home alone (I do live alone after all) and I got a craving for white chocolate brownies.  So I decided to make some.  That's what every twenty five year old dreams of.  Spending a Friday night at home alone baking.  Actually it was perfect.

I had never made white chocolate and raspberry brownies before so sort of made up the recipe as I went along.  They sort of turned into cakes.  Well, cake brownies.  But they were perfect.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Marathon Training: My first half marathon experience

For me, running a half marathon is a big thing.  A couple of months ago I could barely run two miles.  So to reach the target of running 13.1 miles, in a race.  I saw this as an unachievable target.  But I believe that if you really want to do something, you can achieve it, no matter what it takes.  After all, in April I will be running a full marathon.

Me on the right after completing the race

Monday, 8 February 2016

January Favourites

January.  It was a dull month.  It was a boring month.  And it was an expensive month.  I'm glad it's over.  During this first month of the year I got back into running, I barely visited the gym, and I booked a big summer holiday.  That just about sums up my month.

Travel.  This month my brain has been full of 50% travel and 50% sleep.  In the second week of January I booked my summer holiday to the USA.  But that is half a year away!  So I got into researching where else I would like to go in the year.  I still haven't quite decided yet but I feel like 2016 is going to be the year of travel, it's going to be a good one!

Yes this is my bed and my favourite blanket, and yes I have been loving my bed in the month of January (and yes I do have a favourite blanket).  I felt so tired all month and it was a chilly one.  In the mornings I could not wait for it to be evening so I could get back into bed, in the mornings I couldn't get out of bed, and many a time I got into bed way too early on a Friday and Saturday evening, and I loved it!!

I guess this is my empties come beauty section of the post.  I have absolutely been LOVING this St Ives scrub.  I purchased this in the last week of December and have been loving it all month, it has completely changed my skin!  My face feels cleaner and my skin feels clearer.  I love this product and have already purchased my second bottle.  Also this Aussie body wash is AMAZING!  I love their hair products but did not realise they did soap as well until I spotted this in Tesco! It smells a little bit like the distinct smell of the Aussie hair products but not quite so potent and a little different.  The scent of this body wash is so nice and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, I like to use this in the morning.

The foam roller.  Why have I not used one of these before?! My osteopath told me to get one of these and when I first used it, I was dubious.  But then I learn how to use it properly and oh boy does it hurt, but it's that good muscly sort of pain.  I mostly foam roller my legs and they feel so much better afterwards.  I love using this after a run or a workout.

The Hunger Games books.  I started on the first book in the first week of January, it was so good and I became so addicted to this book that before I knew it, I had completed the book.  I had to get more of the story, so I ordered the other two books and before the end of January I had finished reading them.  Best books I have read in a long time! I hated putting the book down and couldn't wait to get back to reading it!

Now on to February with bigger and better things!  How was your January?

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Marathon Training: Gale force winds and running playlists

I cannot run without music.  At first I would listen to music to drown out the sound of my breathing, and I also get ear pain from the cold without ear protection.  But most of all, music spurs me on.  It's what keeps me going throughout those long runs.  Over the weeks I have put together a running playlist that helps me through each mile.

Here are my top ten running tracks:
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Madness - Baggy Trousers
Bowling For Soup - Stacy's Mom
Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You
Hadouken! - M.A.D
Martin Garrix & Tiƫsto - The Only Way Is Up
Hardwell & Armin van Buuren - Off The Hook
Calvin Harris - Outside ft. Ellie Goulding
Panic! At The Disco - Time To Dance
Sub Focus - Tidal Wave ft. Alpines

This week has been pretty good for running.  I am feeling motivated, I feel like my body is changing for the better and the cold weather doesn't phase me so much.

Monday 25th January
Monday was a rest day.  I booked my first half marathon for 2 weeks time.  Eeeeekkkkk!!!!

Tuesday 26th January
I was so pleased with my achievements on Tuesday.  I went for an early afternoon run.  I had to battle through gale force winds, rain, hills and my painful knee but I got through it and managed 8 miles.  The furthest I had ever ran.  I completed this a little slower than I would have liked, I ran the 8 miles in 1 hour 23 minutes.  But the main thing is, I did it.  I even had a one hour pole dancing session in the evening.  My knee was ok until it started playing up between the 6th to 8th mile, it is so annoying but it is so much better!!

Wednesday 27th January
Today was rest day, I was in between night shifts and I needed that rest!

Image Source

Thursday 28th January
On Thursday morning I finished my night shift at 8.30am, had some breakfast, went home.  By 9am I was dressed and ready to go for a run. Six months ago if you had asked me to go for a run after a twelve hour night shift I would have laughed in your face.  But I actually did it! I just did 3.35 miles in 31 minutes and 53 seconds.  I'll admit, it was difficult.  I was knackered and in the first mile I totally regretted going for that run.  After the third mile I felt great and was glad I did it!

Friday 29th - Sunday 31st January
I was supposed to go for a 10 mile run on Saturday, but I didn't get time in between my pay day shopping and having friends over in the evening.  On Sunday I was working all day and told myself I would go for a run in the evening.  But Saturday night ended up being a very late one, I got three hours sleep before work, and work was super busy.  I was exhausted when I got home so went straight to bed.  Oops.  It is difficult to balance all this training in between working and life.

I use the Nike Running app.

My feelings on running this week
I hate running.
Running in the rain isn't as bad as it looks.
Running in the ice isn't as bad as you think it will be.
Running in the wind is far worse than you can imagine.
I hate running.
I feel smug when I run past people huddled up in their warm coats waiting for the bus.
Running can be exhilarating.
I quite like running, sometimes.
Does running make your waist smaller?  I haven't lost any weight since I started this marathon training, however my waist has definitely shrunk.  It's flatter.  I am not complaining though... LIFE GOALS!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Payday Haul

Last week was the much awaited payday, it had been a long month.  I was so excited, I needed money and I needed new things!  So on Saturday I headed to the shops.  I only had two hours to spare, but spend I did!

Usually I avoid sales like the plague but I found a few great things in the sales this time!! First I headed to H&M.  I LOVE H&M.

I am building my summer holiday clothes collection already.  This top will look great with my new black, high-waisted shorts.

I found this jumper in the sale for £7.

Next I headed to Zara.  As much as I like H&M, Zara is my absolute favourite.

I love this skirt, it was £9.99, I wore it the other night with my long sleeved black shirt, tucked into the skirt.

This top was also in the sale for £9.99.

These trousers were full price but they are gorgeous!

I then headed to Primark where I bought some leggings and a kimono for my summer holiday.

I went into John Lewis looking for a new nail polish and purchased this OPI polish in Over The Taupe.  I had to get this lipgloss, in Autumn Haze, which was in the sale for £4.50, I LOVE Burt's Bees.

I was in need of a new candle holder and spotted this one in the Yankee Candle shop.  The Candle in this holder at the moment is Snow In Love which I bought in December, the scent is gorgeous!!

Lastly, I went into Homesense.  I ADORE this shop, I could buy the whole shop!! I settled on two items and bought this plate and jug.  The plate was £4 in the sale.

I cannot wait for payday so I can go shopping again!!  Have you found any good bargains in the sales recently?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Marathon Training: Gloves, sore knees and frozen lungs

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not run.  Take me to a dance studio or give me a set of weights any day.  But running?  No, I don't do that.  Alas, I am running the London marathon in April so I have no choice but to run.

Now the marathon is drawing closer, it's on my mind more and more.  So I have decided to do a weekly blog post to keep you all updated on my marathon training.

I have been having problems with my knee since October due to a leg injury from ten years ago.  I only started seeing someone about my knee in January, it is now getting better and I am starting to up the training.

Image Source

Monday 18th January
I'd had an appointment on Saturday and the osteopath had told me that my knee was getting better, however when I went for a run later on that day my knee was not feeling much better.  However on the Monday afternoon I went for a 4 mile run, it took me 40 minutes and was in fact the longest I had run in months (I had previously been unable to run more than 3 miles due to knee pain).  I experienced barely any pain until the end of my run.  Could it be that my knee was finally getting better?!

Tuesday 19th January
This day was a rest day.  I was used to my knee aching on the day after a run, but this day, no pain and no ache.

Wednesday 20th January
I decided to go for a run after work.  I hate running in the dark, and this evening was cold and icy.  I hated the first two miles. But then got really into it and managed to achieve 5 miles in 49 minutes.  I did not realise how icy and cold it was getting until I stopped at a traffic light and noticed how the pavement was sparkling with ice and I could see my warm breath in the cold air.  I got home and saw that the temperature was actually minus one.  This was my favourite run of the whole week.

Image Source

Thursday 21st January
Thursday was my pole dancing class.  Again no aches or pains in my knee.  Brilliant!!

Friday 22nd January
Another day, another run.  I went for my run late afternoon and managed a great 6.4 miles in 1 hour 7 minutes.  I was so proud of myself.  This was the furthest I had ran since October! I had a couple of knee aches and slight twinges but nothing too major.

Saturday 23rd January
Another osteopath appointment, I couldn't wait to discuss the great news of my knee getting better!! She said it was coming along well and to go back in 2 weeks time.

Sunday 24th January
When I set out running today I wasn't sure how far I was going to run.  I got really into it after the first 3 miles and decided that I was going to go for 7 miles.  I can do it!! Or so I thought.  Into the fifth mile I could really feel the knee pain but I willed myself to go on but the pain got more intense and my running got slower and slower and I finally had to stop.  I managed 5.9 miles in 1 hour.

Image Source

Tomorrow is a rest day and I will go for another run on Tuesday, I hope the pain will not be as intense on Tuesday!  However 6 miles is a great achievement, I could barely run 3 miles 2 weeks ago!

Things I have learnt this week

  • Running in the cold hurts.  Not only does it hurt your fingers, your nose and your face.  It hurts your lungs.  Your lungs physically turn to ice, or so it feels.
  • Wearing gloves helps, it really really helps.  Especially for someone who always has cold hands.  Apart from when your hands get too hot, you take off the gloves and have no where to put them, and then stuff them down your bra.
  • I have more energy in the evening.  Running in the day time is great, it's a good feeling knowing that I have accomplished a run before an evening shift at work.  But I always tire too quickly in the day time, I can run faster in the evening and for longer.
  • People are rude.  I swear people step in front of me on purpose when I'm out of breath and unable to stop.  Especially bratty little school kids.
  • But then my faith in people is restored when they stop to let me past, or they stop their car so I can cross the road without having to stop running.  I like these people.
  • Metallica is great running music.
All in all, a great week for my marathon training.  I cannot wait to see what next week brings!

I am running for the amazing charity Whizz Kidz, if you would like to sponsor me, you can do so here.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Summer Holiday: Las Vegas - Hawaii - Los Angeles

I don't know about you but I have been so tired recently! I have been coming home from work, lounging on the sofa under a blanket after work, going to bed early just to stay warm, then waking up and going to work the next day.  I blame the weather and the time of year.  January is officially the worst month ever.

A friend and I have been dreaming of summer.  Hot weather, the beach, the sea, so last night we decided too book a holiday.  My friend came round and over a Chinese takeaway, cups of teas and excited squeals, we managed to book our dream holiday.  Me being me, it was nothing uncomplicated.  I do like an elaborate and complicated holiday.  I am going to give you a little insight to what we booked.

We had carried out lots of research over the last month.  We had checked prices with a few travel companies, and calculated the price of doing our own thing.  In the end we called Virgin, who were really helpful, patiently listened to out girlish high pitched excitedness, and offered us the best deal.

In July we are flying out to Las Vegas. Where we stay for 3 nights.  I cannot wait to check out the fancy hotels, visit the Neon Museum, go to the Grand Canyon, go shopping and check out what else Vegas has to offer.  Virgin threw in a limo ride from the airport to the hotel, what a great start to the holiday!

Image Source

We are then flying over to Hawaii where we stay in a hotel on Waikiki Beach for 6 nights.  I am excited to check out the beaches, hike up diamond head, go to Manoa Falls, go to thHanauma Bay Nature Preserve and visit Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor.

Image Source

I feel like I will never want to leave Honolulu but then we are off to Los Angeles where will be spend three nights.  Here I am looking forward to check out some rooftop bars, maybe do some yoga, look at the Hollywood sign, go to the Hollywood Bowl, visit the Runyon Canyon and much more.  We certainly won't be able to fit everything I want to do into three days.

Image Source

As you can imagine, I am SO EXCITED!! I am doing two of the things I wanted to do this year, visit somewhere I have never been before and travel outside of Europe.  I don't like to wish time away but I cannot wait until July!!!

Have you been thinking of summer holidays?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Woah! You're 25 now?!

Being 25 is such a weird age.  Six months ago I turned 25, so I feel that I am fully qualified to comment on the great things and stranger things of being this age.

You turn 25 and your friends say "halfway to fifty!" Your parents ask where your walking stick is, and your brother declares "quarter of the way to 100!"  You go home and cry into your cup of tea whilst watching the news and wondering what you can put into your packed lunch tomorrow.

25 is great.  Is it closer to 30 or 20? I mean, technically it is closer to 30 as no one is getting any younger, but you can get away with it.  You're friends with 30 year olds.  You're friends with 20 year olds.  Your friends in their 30s are more fun.

You don't care what you look like anymore.  When you make the effort you can look great, even you fancy yourself when you're ready for an evening out.  But during the day what does it matter if you're not wearing make up? Who cares if your clothes aren't matching?  Sure, it's acceptable to go to the supermarket looking like a homeless person who has been dragged through a hedge backwards, and then you bump into a work colleague.

You get invited for drinks with the neighbours.  What?! Me?! Seriously?!  You have to act grown up, sipping on champagne and nibbling on whatever food they offer you, making adult conversation.  This feels great! I feel so grown up!! The next evening you let loose with your friends doing handstands against the living room wall and sliding along the kitchen in your socks.  Just because you can.  You can act like you're five with your friends.

You get told you're old, way too much.  You go to a festival and get chatting to a group of people , you find out they are sixteen, they find out you are 25 and they say "that's old".  You're at a bar and you get ID'd. the guy checking the ID says "woah, sorry" when he realises how old you are.  You get chatting to a guy on a night out who turns out to be 19 and when he learns you are 25 he says "that's so old".  CHEERS EVERYONE.  Make me feel good about myself why don't you.  It's not like I am ancient.  I am only TWENTY FIVE.

You get told you're young, quite a lot.  You get ID'd all the time, which is great.  Please ID me forever people.  You get your ID out for the older lady who works at the supermarket, who then gets out her magnifying glass and asks if your ID is real.  Erm look at this face, does it look younger than 18?  I don't think so.  You get talking to a guy on a night out who turns out to be 20 (why do the young ones always choose me), and when he discovers I am 20 says that I don't look that old, I only look 23.  THANK YOU! I don't care if you are just saying this.  I love you!! Just kidding you're way too young for me.  You're in your day job at the hospital and often patients ask if I'm old enough to be in this job.  No.  I'm not actually.  I'm just some young impostor off the street who happens to know what they're doing.

It's Saturday night.  You're in bed, with your favourite blanket and a hot water bottle, whilst sipping on a cup of tea and writing a blog post about being 25.  It's 10pm and you are in bed.  You were in bed by 9pm last night, and that was a Friday night.  It's the weekend, SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.  Wait.  It's January and it's cold outside.  I couldn't think of anything worse than going on a night out right now.  I love nights in!!

You go on a night out.  It feels like your group of friends are the oldest in the bar (maybe because this is a Thursday and it's student night).  Everyone is downing pints and acting so immature, a 10 year old (perhaps he could pass for 18) touches your bum.  There are girls wearing just bras.  Are they not going to get frost bite?! But then you and your friends rip up the dance floor, show them how it's done, dancing like it's 1989 (I wasn't even born in '89.)  It's been a great night.  You're knackered, it's late.  You go home at 1am.

It's Christmas.  You have friends over, the collection of empty wine bottles grows larger and larger.  You end up on a night out, there's shots, there's beers, there's all types of drinks you don't even remember.  You leave the club at 3am, and invite everyone over for a party.  You go to bed at 6am.  You have work that afternoon,  You can still do it (just).

You know how to avoid a hangover.  You know how much alcohol your body can take.  You know to eat before drinking.  You know to drink water during the night out and plenty of water before going to sleep. You know mixing drinks equals a headache.  Never drink beer after consuming wine.  Most shots make you sick.  You know all this, and often stick to it.  Those times you feel young when you wake up in the morning, yesssss you still don't get hangovers.  Sometimes you choose to ignore this wealth of information.  Very stupidly may I add.  Those are the times you wake up wanting to chop your head off.  You swear to never drink again, at least not that month.  You feel old.  You can't do hangovers anymore.

You have a job.  Make that a full time career.  You have to be responsible in your job.  You got a promotion not that long ago, that means the managers actually believe you are responsible enough.  It is your duty to train people, to organise people.  What?! Me?! I can't even organise myself.  But somehow you are doing it, maybe sometimes blindly, but you are actually doing it.  20 year old you would be shocked and proud.

You save money and think about the future.  Every weekend used to involve some sort of drinking and spending money. Now the drinking and spending has slowed down, you save money like a responsible adult. Sure, you used to save money but then would dip into it at the end of the month.  But that is now forbidden.  You have realised that you are actually capable of saving money and thinking sensibly about the future.

What is age really though?  You are only as old as you want to be.  Right?!