Sunday, 30 September 2012

Super Lazy Day

Sunday: A day for lie-ins, watching films, drinking tea, playing games and leisurely doing pieces of university work.  I love Sundays!

I was going to go shopping today as I desperately need new clothes and a few other bits and pieces.  So after my lie-in I showered, got dressed and ready and then sat down to watch some TV... and never got up again.  It doesn't matter, I can go during the week.  But how lazy!!  Here is what I wore today which I would have worn shopping:

Dress:  Red Herring
Belt: Topshop
Cardigan: H&M
Leggings: River Island
Boots:  Yes, those old boots again from Barratts!

This past week has been nice.  I have been back in lectures at university and it was great to be back to see everyone and learn new things.  Other than that I have been starting assignments early and generally having a relaxed week before the mega stressed time of third year kicks in.

Hope you have all had a good week!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

And There'll Be Sun, Sun, Sun

SUN SUN SUUUUN!  Hooray!  But it's not very warm.  Even so, I put on a pair of shorts trying to pretend it was still summer.

If you all think I have gone completely bonkers as I have started to post my outfits more often like I think I have some amazing style that you all need to see, I can assure you, I have not gone mad.  Nor do I think I have an amazing style.

I have my favourite items of clothing in my wardrobe and tend to wear these over and over again and think I have a bit of a boring style.  So I am trying to break out of this by wearing clothes in my wardrobe that I would not normally wear and am trying to experiment a bit more by finding out what suits me and what does not.  This is the reason of my posting more pictures of my outfits.

Top: Very old so can't quite remember where it's from
Shorts: River Island
Leggings:  River Island
Boots: Barratts (few years old)

I just ordered a new laptop!  YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY.  I won't have to put up with this piece of crap laptop for much longer!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Back To School Outfit

Dissertation.  That one, big, scary word that all university students dread.  Or at least, I did.  But now that time is upon me where I have to write ten thousand words about a subject that interests me.  I can see my work is cut out for me for the next six months while I complete my final year of university.  I can see that it's going to be tough and I am going to have to study hard to get the marks I want, but it's the final stretch of being a student and I am quite excited.

It was back to university for me yesterday.  I have never been keen on sitting in a lecture room for hours having someone talk at me while I concentrate on not falling asleep.  But it was good to be back.  As my course requires me to do weeks of placement, then weeks of university, I spend those weeks of placement wearing a uniform and very little make-up.  But when I am back to university I can wear whatever I want and put on more make-up which I love.

I never like dressing up too much for university, I don't understand why someone would want to wear heels and clothes that make them look like they are on a night out, but then I don't like looking like I've just woken up either.  So I wore a simple outfit:  Clothes from my wardrobe which I am sure you have all seen before.  I think these are my favourite pair of jeans.

I'm feeling quite positive about life at the moment :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

I am finally better from my illness!!

 It's my little brother's 20th birthday today. Wow. Twenty years old. Doesn't time fly?! I went back home to visit him and me and my family went out for a meal. I wasn't sure what to wear as it was raining a lot, it's cold and I wasn't sure where exactly we were going. So I wore my favourite jumper with dark green jeans and a pair of old favourite boots.

In other news I have finished placement for two weeks and during this time I have lectures at university which  I am looking forward to.  And have lost half a stone since I have been back at university.  Yay!

Even if I'm not enjoying the rain, at least someone is.

Hope you have all had a good weekend!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sick Day

I'm ill :(  I think I have some sort of throat infection and I'm burning up all over and I'm achey.  This sucks.  Being ill is one of the bad things about being at university, no parents to look after you or make you food or to show you their sympathy.  I went into placement today and spent all day regretting it, I felt that ill.  Even Ibuprofen wasn't working properly for me!

I just had some banana and Nutella on toast.  I wasn't hungry but I thought I should eat something as I couldn't stop shaking.  But now I feel sick.  I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow!... And yes, you should all feel sorry for me suffering through my pain and illness at work when I don't even get paid.  Haha!

Hope you have all day a better day than I have!

Monday, 17 September 2012

My University House - Part 2: My Room

So here is the second lot of pictures from my lovely house at university.  Today I am going to show you all pictures of my room.  I took 57 in total.  Don't worry, I am not going to put them all up here.  But there are quite a lot of pictures in this post! I really do love the size of my room and how I have set it up.  It's lovely!!  These pictures aren't in the best light.  By the time I've gotten home from placement and have done things that need doing it's starting to get dark.  But you can see my room well enough.

The size of my room is great and look at those massive wardrobes!  I can hang up all my clothes and have lots of storage room which means my room is now never messy!

My Welsh flag, timetables on the wardrobe, Shaun the Sheep and my mirror. I didn't know where to place the mirror but this ended up being the only space for it, however each morning when I get ready I move the mirror to the windowsill as there isn't enough light where it is in the picture.

My desk and own computer chair from home where I do my uni work, blog from and sort out other bits.

As I can't stick anything on the walls without them being marked, even whitetack, I have a noticeboard to put my bits and pieces.  I also hang long necklaces from the pins.  In this picture you can also see my jewellery boxes and speakers.

I like to keep my products stored away in a drawer, but these are the ones I use every day or often, so it's handy to keep these out.

Under the desk where I keep all my books for university, my printer and a nice pretty storage box for important documents.

My nice comfy bed.  This is my own bed, I bought it brand new last year and it satisfies me that on one else has slept in it.  University beds freak me out.  I have a memory foam pillow and memory foam mattress topper so it's super comfy.  I like my pillows to decorate the bed.

I like to lie in bed on evenings after work and watch TV.  I love this chest of drawers, the colour is perfect for the room and the drawers are nice and spacious.

A few bits to decorate my room to make it feel more homely and more me.

I bought this bottle of cider for my house mates last year when I went on holiday to Cornwall.  I liked the bottle and didn't want to throw it away so rinsed it out and am now using it as a necklace holder.  It works quite well and I think it looks cool.

My alcohol collection, perfumes and make-up bag which is handy to keep there for everyday use.

This is the top drawer where I keep all my make-up, moisturisers, nail varnishes, hair products, some jewellery and other beauty bits and bobs.  This drawer might look a bit messy but this is actually very organised for me!

I stuck some fairy lights up and often prefer to use these instead of a light if I am relaxing.  I think they look nicer than a normal light if you aren't doing something that requires a bright light.

So there we go!  That's my university room that I am in love with and keep going on about.  Let's hope I keep it this way and don't let it get too messy or un-organised!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Few New Products

My course at university involves us students going out into the work place in a hospital for weeks at a time over the three years of the course.  Sometimes for two weeks, sometimes for 10 weeks.  However long that placement block is it involves hard work, studying in the evenings and can be very tiring when you're not used to it.  During these times of being on placement I tend to break out in more spots than normal.  I'm not sure whether this is due to the stress and being more tired, or if it is because I am wearing make-up all day for a long period of time.  Whatever it is I know that more spots only appear on my face when I am on placement.  Even though I have sussed out my own skin routine and what helps to keep my skin looking clear and good, I seem to need a different routine while I am on placement so I had a look in the shops and thought I would try out a few different products which I have now been using for a week and a half.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash:

This facial wash by Simple claims to deep clean and refresh the skin.  I have been using this both morning and night.  The wash contains small bits that exfoliate the skin and I find that it leaves my face feeling very clean and refreshed.  This face wash is a bit stronger than the usual face wash I would normally use so I think if I didn't moisturise I would start to get dry skin however as I moisturise my face twice a day I haven't been getting this problem.  This face wash also claims to control shine and I think that it does because after I have come home from a day at work my face doesn't seem to be so oily or shiny as it usually would which I am loving.  This product is suitable for sensitive skin which means it is perfect for my skin.  I would give this product 10 out of 10 as I love it so much!

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Moisturiser:

This moisturiser is supposed to brighten the skin while making it feel soft.  I use this just in the mornings after using the face wash and before applying my make-up.  This moisturiser smells of lemons, but also smells quite sweet.  The smell is not too overpowering but smells so good and I can smell it all morning, it's lovely!  The cream has very small sparkly bits in that supposedly make the skin brighter, but after applying my make-up my skin doesn't look very sparkly at all which is a good thing (as I don't want to look like some sort of rubbish, fake vampire from Twilight!).  It makes my skin feel wonderfully soft and is not oily at all.  After applying this moisturiser I let it soak in for a few minutes and then apply my foundation.  My make-up goes over it very well and I feel that it brings out the best in my foundation as it looks good!
When I got home after purchasing this moisturiser I looked at all the ingredients in it and was a bit worried it would make my skin break out due to the amount that is in there however it did not at all.  But I only use this once a day due to the ingredients in it.  The only thing I dislike about this moisturiser is the price as I thought it was quite pricey for a small bottle, however you only need a tiny bit and it goes a long way so I can see this product lasting for quite a while.  I really like this moisturiser and will definitely purchase it again!

Without moisturiser:

With moisturiser:

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser:

I bought this moisturiser because I wanted one to use at night.  Previously I was using Johnson's Baby Lotion but I was starting to feel this wasn't moisturising enough so I wanted something a bit thicker.  According to Simple this product nourishes and hydrates the skin and I feel that it does exactly that!  This moisturiser is not greasy, soaks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling lovely and soft! Maybe it's my imagination but I feel that since I have been using the two new moisturisers my skin has started to look different... nicer and perhaps brighter!  This moisturiser doesn't smell of anything, but then again it doesn't have any perfume or nasty chemicals in which are no good for the skin so I don't mind.  I really love this moisturiser and it seems that I am starting to become a fan of Simple products!

I hope you have all had a good weekend!