Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Day I Bought So Much I Couldn't Carry It All

Over the last May bank holiday a friend and I decided to take a trip to Birmingham.  We decided to make a weekend of it so traveled up there by train on Saturday morning, went shopping all day where we quite literally shopped until we dropped and struggled to carry it all.  Then we went back to the hotel to get ready and went for dinner and a night out.  On the Sunday we went to Slam Dunk festival which you can read about here.  On Monday we checked out of the hotel, went for breakfast and looked in a few more of the shops before catching the train home.  I dread to think how much we spent.  But it was a much needed shop!

I love shopping in Birmingham, there are so many shops all within one area.  You can either choose to go into the shopping centre, the Bullring, or there's a wide selection of shops outside.  We looked in the outside shops first and after the first three shops our bank accounts were already hating us.

First up I'll show you what I bought in H&M, because H&M... love, love LOVE IT at the moment.
This black and floral top was only five pounds and I didn't paricularly need another pair of shorts but these white denim shorts caught my eye as I don't own anything like this.  I accidentally stuck my foot through the ripped hole in the shorts, making it bigger, whilst trying them on at home, oops.

I am loving the Coachella section in H&M.  I just wanted to pick up everything from it.  But I had to control myself.  I picked up this black dress thinking it looked cool but not expecting to like it on.  When I tried it on, it showed every lump and bump but I did like the style of it.  My friend said get it, so it was sold, I got it.  I don't need much convincing.

I had been looking everywhere for the perfect denim jacket for a while - I haven't owned once since I was about 13, and I finally found the one in H&M!

I had a very specific shopping list, on it was 'long cream floaty skirt' which I didn't actually find.  However to make up for it I found this gorgeous ankle length black and floral skirt.  I cannot wait to wear this in the summer!  I'm just looking for a white top to go with it now.

I was after a bikini and couldn't believe I found one for such a good price!

H&M has such a good range of cute little summer dresses at the moment.  I fell in love with this white floral dress and can already tell I am going to wear this to death this summer, that's if the sun comes out.

Please ignore the blue bra.  Lastly I purchased this necklace, it will go with a pair of H&M trousers I have in the same colour.

Next up we visited New Look where we spent equally as much time, and bought equally as much.  I go through phases of liking and being not so keen on New Look but I was loving it on this shopping trip.

I was after a white, comfortable, crop top to go with a pair of trousers I already owned.  This white top isn't exactly a crop top but it will look great with the trousers I have in mind.

How many white tops does a girl need, right?  This following white top will be great to throw on over a bikini or I could match it with a pair of shorts to wear on holiday in the evening.  The black bandeau top was only a few pounds and will be handy to wear under my ever growing collection of see through tops.

I desperately wanted a maxi dress to wear on the beach.  I didn't see one I liked.  However I am loving this New Look dress, I can tell it's going to be another summer favourite.  Definitely one for wearing in Hawaii.

I was after a pair of wedges, I'm not really a heel person and on an evening out will always opt for a pair of black boots, but you can't get away with black boots on a summer holiday.  I didn't find a pair of wedges but did spot these gorgeous shoes from New Look and they're quite comfortable (so far) too!

Primark, the shop that nearly killed us.  It was rammed with people, it was hot and everything was like a jumble sale.  We picked up a few items before we hit the shopping wall and decided enough was enough.  I was after some make up bags in Primark, I thought they would be handy to pop stuff in whilst travelling.  I also needed a bag for my hand luggage, I definitely wasn't expecting to pick this up in Primark, I was going to take a trip to Bicester.  But I saw this white bag and it was perfect.

I'm not particularly keen on Primark sunglasses.  When purchasing sunglasses, I feel that you pay for what you get.  However sometimes if you're hot and sweaty doing something active on holiday, or at a music festival, you don't want to risk ruining your most expensive sunglasses.  With Primark sunglasses I find that the arms tend to become loose quite quickly and before you know it, they are too big for your head and slipping down your nose every two seconds.  But for a few quid you can't go wrong, I thought these sunnies looked cool, especially for a festival.

I walked into Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite shops, and immediately saw this gorgeous crop top and fell in love, and it fitted perfectly, I especially love the gold sparkly detail.

Another crop top, this time from Zara, and look at how gorgeous this colour is!!

Lastly, I had some make up items to purchase.  Some foundations and a lip stick which I will say no more about because that's for a review on another post.

And that is everything... I think! I tried to do a mixture of photos so you could see what the clothes looked like on, and off.  What do you prefer? I was also thinking of filming a video of my haul but not sure if I'm brave enough for that yet!

What's your favourite shop at the moment?


Thank you for reading. Any comments are appreciated :)