Monday, 17 September 2012

My University House - Part 2: My Room

So here is the second lot of pictures from my lovely house at university.  Today I am going to show you all pictures of my room.  I took 57 in total.  Don't worry, I am not going to put them all up here.  But there are quite a lot of pictures in this post! I really do love the size of my room and how I have set it up.  It's lovely!!  These pictures aren't in the best light.  By the time I've gotten home from placement and have done things that need doing it's starting to get dark.  But you can see my room well enough.

The size of my room is great and look at those massive wardrobes!  I can hang up all my clothes and have lots of storage room which means my room is now never messy!

My Welsh flag, timetables on the wardrobe, Shaun the Sheep and my mirror. I didn't know where to place the mirror but this ended up being the only space for it, however each morning when I get ready I move the mirror to the windowsill as there isn't enough light where it is in the picture.

My desk and own computer chair from home where I do my uni work, blog from and sort out other bits.

As I can't stick anything on the walls without them being marked, even whitetack, I have a noticeboard to put my bits and pieces.  I also hang long necklaces from the pins.  In this picture you can also see my jewellery boxes and speakers.

I like to keep my products stored away in a drawer, but these are the ones I use every day or often, so it's handy to keep these out.

Under the desk where I keep all my books for university, my printer and a nice pretty storage box for important documents.

My nice comfy bed.  This is my own bed, I bought it brand new last year and it satisfies me that on one else has slept in it.  University beds freak me out.  I have a memory foam pillow and memory foam mattress topper so it's super comfy.  I like my pillows to decorate the bed.

I like to lie in bed on evenings after work and watch TV.  I love this chest of drawers, the colour is perfect for the room and the drawers are nice and spacious.

A few bits to decorate my room to make it feel more homely and more me.

I bought this bottle of cider for my house mates last year when I went on holiday to Cornwall.  I liked the bottle and didn't want to throw it away so rinsed it out and am now using it as a necklace holder.  It works quite well and I think it looks cool.

My alcohol collection, perfumes and make-up bag which is handy to keep there for everyday use.

This is the top drawer where I keep all my make-up, moisturisers, nail varnishes, hair products, some jewellery and other beauty bits and bobs.  This drawer might look a bit messy but this is actually very organised for me!

I stuck some fairy lights up and often prefer to use these instead of a light if I am relaxing.  I think they look nicer than a normal light if you aren't doing something that requires a bright light.

So there we go!  That's my university room that I am in love with and keep going on about.  Let's hope I keep it this way and don't let it get too messy or un-organised!


  1. ahhh it makes me happy that you love it so much! Mega jealous of those wardrobes, you should do a post just on their contents.

    Loads of love gurl

    1. I did take pictures of inside my wardrobe... But I decided I took way too many pictures so didn't include them. I will do another post of them though :D

  2. Wow, I love the windows and the huge wardrobe is definitely a plus!

  3. I think that I could live in house like that! It's nice and georgeous! : ) And those wardrobes... : )

    1. The wardrobes definitely are awesome :D

  4. Replies
    1. I think they are my favourite thing about the room :)

  5. Una habitación muy cálida :) Y las vistas nos encantam, seguro que es super luminosa!!

  6. I love the triple wardrobe, so much storage space! The double window is lovely too xx

  7. What great wardrobes! Your room reminds me a bit of my room in the house I had during my second year at uni, I miss those wardrobes and all the storage space!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk


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