Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Start of Festival Season

Summer is comingggggg, yes it is!!  With summer comes my favourite time of the year: FESTIVAL SEASON!!  This bank holiday weekend I am heading off to Slam Dunk, a day festival with the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Of Mice and Men, New Found Glory and Mayday Parade playing.  There are many festivals happening all over the country this May bank holiday weekend including BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend - Who's going to that? Jealous!

With festival season comes that all important question.  What do I wear?!  It can be a tricky one, the weather can change with the blink of an eye and you need to be prepared! I have a choice of three outfits for my first festival of the year and I cannot decide which one to wear! If only the festival was 3 days long!!

I hunted all over town for a pair of short black dungarees and the only store that seemed to have any was New Look.  Nevertheless I am pleased with this pair and will match it with this gorgeous orange crop top from Topshop.  I think this may be my favourite outfit of the three.

It's set to be a warm weekend so this outfit may be the perfect choice.  I have matched this grey vest with a floral bralet, and black leather look hotpants, all from H&M.  I promise this isn't a H&M advert.

Lastly an old favourite, Mr Jack, and as you can also see my bra with this vest, why not wear a pretty one like this bralet from H&M.  The shorts are from Primark.

I can't decide which outfit to wear, I love them all.  Help me!!

Then there's the shoes.  Personally I always wear old shoes to a festival.  If you wear nice, shiny brand new shoes you are only going to get grumpy or upset when someone stands on them/when someone spills a drink on them/when you stand on a squashed burger/when they get muddy.  I love wellies if you are going to be outdoors all the time, it's muddy and there may be a chance you will lose your shoe.  Slam Dunk has indoor arenas with just a few outdoors so I'm not expecting to get too muddy, so I am taking all these old Converse trainers and my old leopard print shoes from Schuh... I'll decide what pair to wear on the day!

I always used to struggle with how I was going to carry my stuff around the festival.  If you're camping over the weekend it's not so much of a worry because you can always nip back to your tent during the day, depending on the festival.  But with a day festival you may need to bring a number of items.  Drawstring bags are handy because they are lightweight and you can usually fit the essentials in.  I'm a big fan of the bumbag.  My bumbag always comes out during festival season.

Lastly, there's the good old British weather.  It could be sunny, rain, hale, gale force winds and a heatwave all in one day.  This fold up parka from Primark is so handy, it's (mostly) waterpoof and folds up so small.  Or you could opt for a plastic poncho, they always keep you dry, slightly warm and you can throw them away when you no longer need them.  Sunglasses are a must.  These sunglasses from ASOS are my festival favourites, you don't want to be squinting at the stage all day with the sun in your eyes.  Lastly a hat! As important as your toothbrush! If you are standing out in the sun all day you don't want to get a headache, and if you're camping for a couple of days you may want the hat as an accessory to cover up the birds nest hairstyle you haven't washed in days!!

You can follow my Slam Dunk snapchat story this weekend @mariafagan.  Are you going to a festival this weekend?

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