Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Spain in Spring: Day One

I have had the last week off work and all I wanted to do was relax and chill out.  It's been mental at work recently and I have been working six days a week so I couldn't wait to do whatever I wanted.  However the last thing I did was relax and chill out.  I have been so busy!! It's always the way.

Then I went and booked a last minute trip to Spain so this morning I was awake at 3am and happy to be heading to the airport.  As I am away for the next few days I am going to do a series of pre-planned, outfit posts, showing you the clothes I took to Spain.

I found it extremely difficult to pack as I only took hand held luggage, and I didn't know what the weather could be like.  My phone was telling me it would be sunny one day, rainy the next day, and windy the next.  So I tried to mix and match my outfits the best I could.

This is going to be a day time beachy outfit.  The skirt is last summer's purchase from Primark.  I can rinse this black New Look top through and wear it again with shorts, plus the New Look sandals will go with anything,

This orange Topshop dress is one of my favourite recent purchases and I have been dying to wear it. I have paired it with these Primark sandals that look like they are about to fall apart - due to the amount of walking on the Swiss cobbled streets last July plus I did go in the water with them.  I will probably just throw these away at the end of the holiday which will leave more room in my luggage.
I am going for a very minimal make-up look this holiday.  It's not a holiday to look great whilst wearing tons of make-up, it's a I don't care that my hair is a birds nest type holiday.

I hope you have all had a great Wednesday.  Please cross your fingers and hope that the weather is nice for me.  I will be back tomorrow with a similar post!


Thank you for reading. Any comments are appreciated :)