Friday, 27 November 2015

Goodbye November

As November is quickly coming to an end, I thought I would do a round up of my month.  I seemed to spend a lot of time at work, I am looking forward to some time off next month!! I put work into organising a charity pub quiz to raise money for Whizz Kidz, the charity I am running the marathon for.  The event was last night and was a success! Unfortunately my knee has been giving me problems so I have had to put my running on hold for now, I was doing so well too!!  So I started doing yoga instead, turns out I love it!!

1. There were lots of pretty skies.  2. It became winter too fast.  3. I made brownies for my work bake off.  4. I drank a lot of green tea and mint
5. Beautiful sunrises.  6. Green smoothies.  7. More smoothies.  8. I spent a lot of time at home, glad to be in my own home at last.
9. Banana & chocolate cake.  10. Prepared outfit for my work Christmas party.  11. Another Christmas party item.  12. Love my bedroom!
13. I dyed my hair red again.  14. Injured my knee so no running :( So I bought running gear instead.  15. What is better than elf glasses?! 16. I don't know what this is but it looked funny.

Aims for December: Get back into the marathon training, I can feel my knee slowly improving!! Hold another charity event to raise more money for Whizz Kidz. Take on less shifts at work! I need a month off.  

Do you have any December aims?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Monday Shopping Spree

On Monday I went shopping to return two items and feared for my bank account, not knowing if I would be able to resist certain items that I had my eye on. Luckily I was very good and managed to only buy a few items... until my next shopping fix!

I love this shirt from Warehouse.  It will go really well with the skirt I have bought for my work Christmas party.  I realise this shirt is quite plain for a Christmas party but with a large gold necklace I think this will look perfect. This shirt fit so well and felt so nice on, I think that if I don't wear it to the party as intended I will definitely keep this.  Got to love a shirt that suits me so well and feels great on.

I really like this gold headband from New Look.  Head bands aren't usually my thing, but I really like the leaf design, and wearing such a plain shirt I feel like I need to go big on the hair and accessories.  This could also be worn at a summer festival to keep back that minging stray hair,

These days I love buying sports gear as much as I like purchasing other clothes.  How things can change!  I bought these both from Sports Direct.  I am still on the lookout for the perfect sports bra so if anyone knows where I can get one... let me know!

Since the 5p carrier bag charge has been brought into force in England, I seem to actually buy less stuff! I refuse to buy a bag, what's the point when I am sitting on a gold mine of them at home.  I try to take carrier bags shopping with me, but sometimes I run out and sometimes I end up buying more stuff than expected, then there's those unexpected spontaneous shopping trips where I don't even bring any bags!  Personally, as annoying as it is, I am all for the carrier bag charge if it is going to help the environment.  For the last few years I have rarely taken a bag from a supermarket, I would always bring my own, so why can't it be the same for other shops.  But if it's going to stop me from buying as much then it's certainly a bonus for my bank account, maybe not so good for business though.

Finally, I thought I would show you the outfit that I have planned for my work Christmas party.  I bought this skirt a few weeks ago from Warehouse.  It was love at first sight and it fits perfectly! It complements the small bit of weight I have lost in the last few months.  This is the skirt that I have been trying to find a top to go with but finally think I have it.  Now I am on the lookout for gold sparkly shoes, a hand bag to match and a suitable gold necklace.  You can never have too many sparkles and gold at a Christmas party, right?!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Saturday Shopping Spree

Sometimes, I will go shopping and won't see anything that I want.  I hate those days.  Sometimes I will go shopping and will want everything in every shop.  My bank account hates those days.  Saturday was one of those days.

I had gone out shopping with the purpose of finding a top to go with the skirt I bought a week ago for my work Christmas party.  However stupidly enough I didn't bring the skirt, I saw loads of tops that I liked and wanted to buy every one of them in case they went well with the skirt.  After buying two tops I realised this was a stupid idea and managed to limit myself, planning to go shopping again on Monday with said skirt.  I did get a few bits and bobs though.

I absolutely love this top from New Look! It looks even better on.  This is the style of top I was looking for to go with my skirt, however my skirt is black and gold and this top is black and silver.  That being said it just about goes.  However I have only tried this top on twice and already loads of the sequins have fallen off. For the price I paid for this I don't expect the sequins to fall off so easily, I haven't even worn it out yet! It also has bits of thread hanging off it, and the hem doesn't look straight.  Even though I am in love with the look of this top, it will be returned.

This top is also from New Look.  I wouldn't usually wear a white top, so I like that it is different to what I would normally wear.  However it doesn't quite go with the skirt I have.  I would definitely keep this top if my bank account could allow it, but I have no occasion to wear this to so sadly I have to return it.

I found a candle shop! Snow In Love is my favourite smell out of these, I could sniff it all day! This candle holder goes perfectly with my spare room that I am doing up.  I can't wait to show you all pictures of my new home that is just about finished!

Sunday was hair dye day, this shade of red goes perfectly into my hair.  I was not planning on purchasing Hand Food but I walked past it in the shop, and my hands have been a little dry since the weather got colder.  I have not bought this hand cream in ages and I forgot how much I love it!!

I love this Tea Tree water from Lush.  I had run out months ago but hadn't gotten around to getting a new one.  I also thought I would try Ocean Salt, I have used it once so far and love it already.

My last purchase was this crop top from Topshop.  I originally bought it to go under the black top from New Look, which I am now not going to keep but I have decided to keep this crop top as it wasn't too expensive and I have clothes that this top would go with.

So today is Monday and I am out shopping again, let's see what I will find this time!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Marathon Training - Week 3

Some time ago a friend asked me if I would like to apply for the London Marathon with her.  Willingly I agreed, doubtful that we would get in, but very intrigued to see if I could handle running a marathon.

It turns out that we both got in... HELP!!

I don't run.  It's not like I don't exercise, I have just never done any sort of running before.

I started my training on Tuesday 21st October.  I did 3 and a half miles in 30 minutes.  I decided that I couldn't run.  The next day, determined that I needed to continue the training, I went for another run.  3.4 miles in 34 minutes.  The following day, Friday, I decided to have a rest from running on the road and went to the gym... to run on the treadmill.  Saturday was a rest day, then on Sunday I went for another run achieving 6 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes.

Week two.  Not such a good week for running.  I had a nasty cough meaning I wasn't sleeping at night, and I was choking to death during the day so decided to put a hold on the running.  I finally went for a run on the Saturday completing 7 miles in 1 hour 16 minutes.  I was so proud that I did a 7 mile run.  The time was a little lower than I was hoping, but it was a very hilly run, which is my excuse for the slower time.

I am now into my third week and have not managed to squeeze in any running yet.  This marathon training is proving to be a lot harder than I expected! In between work and life I am finding it hard to make time for running but I am going to keep at it! I am determined!

I am running for the charity Whizz Kidz and intend to raise £2000 for the charity.  I have two aims, one event.  I can do this!!