Thursday, 31 January 2013

Four Months

Loving the black nail varnish at the moment.  I use NYC Expert Last Nail Polish.  Really need a new top coat though, my current one chips far too easily.

My hands and nails are in a state.  I need to get back into a good moisturising routine.  I blame the cold weather!!

I cannot believe it is the end of January!  I didn't even realise until I was reading through other blogs today.  This means just four months of university left!  Eeeeeeee that's scary!  This month has gone too fast but I have achieved quite a lot.  I have always wanted to do an Instagram post, so I am doing a January one for the sake of it and just because I can:

1. I learnt to bake. 2. Went back to university. 3. Had a few shopping sprees.
4. It was cold so I lived in slippers. 5. Had a few drunken nights out. 6. I got pierced!
7. Love these nails. 8. Addicted to hot chocolate because it was cold. 9. Became addicted to these shoes.

I have an exam next Thursday so now it's time to revise like mad!

Friday, 25 January 2013


I had Wednesday off University.  Prior to that I had been revising a lot so had the day off work and essays watching TV shows and doing my nails.  I love the way my nails are looking!

Hope you all have a good weekend :)

Friday, 18 January 2013


I've been busy.  Work, work, work, so much work.  Deadlines, revision, exams.  Ahh I love university.

Yesterday I told myself that if I finished a certain amount of work, I would go and get a piercing.  I have wanted a forward helix piercing for ages so yesterday when I finished that work I excitedly, but a little bit nervously, went along to the tattoo shop.  I can handle pain really well but but I'm not going to lie, this one hurt like hell.  It still hurts now although I have taken some Ibuprofen which has taken the edge off.  It was worth the pain though because now it looks sexy and cool.  Here is the result:

I then went shopping and bought some new clothes.

Dress from H&M.  £12.99.

Blouse from Republic. £25.

Top from Republic.  £7.00 in the sale.

This morning I was lying in bed and got a text to say it was snowing.  I absolutely love snow, I'm like a little kid.  So I put my warmest clothes on and went for a walk for an hour or so.  When I came back I was covered in so much snow I looked like a snowman, and had make-up streaming down my face but I didn't care, I was satisfied that I'd had my walk in the snow.  Now it is time for me to crack on with my work to prepare for my exam on Tuesday.  Wish me luck!!

Have a nice weekend :)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

It's Tough Being A Third Year

So much work, so little time!  I feel like I barely have time to sleep, eat or even breathe!!  But I did have time to take a few pictures of the outfit I wore to university today.

Jacket:  Republic
Shirt:  Primark
Shorts:  River Island
Leggings:  River Island
Shoes:  Schuh
I love, love, love my new jacket.  Those shoes have also appeared in a few photos and I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of them as they are my new favourite everyday shoes!

I need to catch up on sleep now as a day of studying and essay writing awaits me tomorrow!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mmmm Chocolate

For ages I have been dying to dye my hair.  My faded red hair and light brown roots were really starting to annoy me, but I couldn't decide on whether to go red again, or brown, or stick to my natural hair colour.  However in the last week I made up my mind to dye my hair dark brown.  So today I went along to Boots, and bought the hair dye.

The hair dye I used was L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Chocolate (535).  I always use this brand of hair dye as it has never failed me before with the colours I have chosen, and it smells absolutely lovely!  Here are the results...

If you want to see what my hair looked like previously, then you can do so in my previous post.

I also took a couple of outfit pictures as I am in love with my red tights!

Dress:  Primark
Tights: Topshop

I am so tired, I even look horribly tired, so I think I need a good nights sleep before university and lots of essay writing tomorrow!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back To University!

Yesterday I packed my cases (I had accumulated far too much over the last few weeks), loaded the car and headed back to university. I wasn't looking forward to coming back, I was quite comfy at my parents house and would have quite happily stayed for another few weeks. However I had classes today so had to come back.

As I had not seen everyone in a few weeks I wanted to look nice. I'm not quite sure why, my housemates have seen me make-up less, wearing pajamas and generally looking like a tramp but nevertheless, I felt like wearing nice clothes.  Here's what I wore (with a lovely view of half of my university room):

Blouse: Republic
Black vest top: Primark
Shorts: River Island
Belt: Primark
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Schuh

I also had a haircut yesterday!

I think this may be the first full picture of my face on this blog.
I need to learn to smile in self-taken pictures!

Not exactly a lot of difference but I'm trying to grow my hair!

Hope you all have a good week :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Goodbye Money, Hellooo New Clothes!

I went shopping today not really expecting to see much, and came away with a new dress, skirt, trousers and shoes leaving me feeling quite happy.  Isn't it sad how new purchases make me feel?

Favourite new shoes! From Faith at Debenhams.

Dress from Primark.

Skirt from River Island.

Trousers from River Island.
I cannot wait to wear that skirt, I know exactly what I will be wearing it with.

The next few days will be filled with work, suitcase packing and travelling back to university.  I expect a lot of stress!

I have just got Instagram.  I don't really understand it at the moment, but there we go.  If you want to add me (do you even add people on it?  I now feel like my Mother using Facebook), then you can find me on here:


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January Bucket List

Instead of making a long list of New Years resolutions that I will never stick to, I will be making aims each month that I would like to achieve in 2013.  I think this is a great idea.  I want to achieve a lot of things in 2013 so this is just the thing I need!

1. Become more organised.
With final essay deadlines and exams fast approaching I need to be very organised this year if I want to do well in my last year at university and survive without becoming a mad, crazy, stressed person.  I have already started my new organised life by purchasing a diary and have even started using it!

2. Fix my camera.
As I mentioned the other week, my good camera is broken.  As you can see above I am having to put up with crappy, poor quality photos and I cannot stand it.  I must get my camera fixed this month!

3. Learn a language.
In 2012 I started to learn Japanese.  I want to keep up with this and learn more.

4. Produce a brilliant CV and personal statement.
This is a step towards getting the perfect graduate job that I want.

5. Go on holiday out of the country.
The last time I went on holiday was my 21st birthday.  I am in desperate need of a holiday.  I cannot go away until all of my exams are over, so it will be after May, but I cannot wait for some relaxation and exploration in another country.

I'll check back with another 5 aims at the beginning of February to add on to the list!
If you want to join then just head on over to the link below!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Oh Hai There 2013!

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope that you all enjoyed your New Years celebrations whatever you did.

Like I mentioned previously, 2012 was the crappiest of crappy years.  It sucked big time.  However I am feeling quite positive about 2013 and I am determined to make it a great year.  I don't usually make New Years resolutions, but I would like to make some aims this year as there are things that I would like to achieve.

1. Finish university.  Ideally I would like to get a first.  Not sure if this will happen, I know I can probably manage it if i really put my mind to it.  However I know that I just want to try my absolute best in all of my modules, then I will be proud of myself whatever grades I get.

2. Get a graduate job.  I am not expecting to get a job straight away after finishing university.  In fact, I would like a couple of months out.  But by October/November I would like to be starting a job as a Radiographer.

3. Go travelling.  I would like to at least visit one of the places on my list of places to visit.  In 2013 I would like to either visit Thailand, Japan, New Zealand or Australia.  If I can visit more than one of those places in 2013 then I will be more than happy.

4. Have a bloody awesome happy year!

Have you made any resolutions?