Monday, 14 March 2016

Sometimes I like to dress up and go out

All I seem to have done in February is work so when my friends decided to go out for a meal last week I was totally up for it.  I had just been on a shopping trip and was excited to wear my new purchases! I believe this is my first outfit post! So please be nice :)

This burgundy top is from Primark, I adore the colour.  The sleeve are lacy and it has quite a high neck which I'm not normally a fan of but I love the overall style of this top.  I have a fairly long abdomen and this top is slightly shorter than the average length top I would usually wear, however I think it sits well with these trousers.

The black trousers are from Topshop (you can find them here).  I had actually seen these on a previous shopping trip but couldn't find them in my size.  I was disappointed I wasn't able to buy them as they were exactly what I had been looking for.  So was very excited to find them in my size in a different Topshop.  These trousers are very tight fitting and I have large calves so tight fitting doesn't normally bode well for me but these are a good fit, just about.  The trousers are quite shiny with silver zips, I love how my legs look in them.  On the Topshop website these are actually named as leggings but I feel like they are more trousers as the material is slightly thicker than legging material, and I'm not the sort to wear leggings without having my bum covered over but I feel like it is acceptable in these trouser legging things.

I picked up this jacket in Primark.  I wasn't on the hunt for another jacket, I certainly didn't need one, but loved the style so much that I had to try it on. It fitted so well and I loved the look of it, I bought it anyway.  Well where else can you get a jacket for £20?  That was my justification.  It's a grey jacket with white squares.  This jacket is lightweight so wouldn't be too useful in the winter but is warm enough to keep the chill off which will be good in the upcoming spring weather, fingers crossed! When I tried on this jacket I envisioned it with a black pair of trousers like these and I like the way it looks!

The bag is from New Look which I bought back in December (or possibly at the end of November).  I actually purchased this to go with my Christmas party outfit but I ended up wearing a silver skirt and this bag has gold bits on.  Back then I hadn't discovered the chain strap and I thought this bag was far too big to hold in my hand.  Then it was too late to take it back so I held onto it hoping that I would one day get use of it.  Then the other day when I was clearing out my spare room I came across the bag, looked inside and discovered the chain strap on it.  Perfect for an evening meal out!

Finally, here's a picture of what my face looked like because I know that everyone wants to see a picture of my big old face.

I did actually wear shoes with this outfit, I don't tend to usually go out of the house without shoes.  I just forgot to wear them whilst taking the pictures.  Blogger error.  I'll remember next time.  I paired this outfit with black boots if anyone is interested.

Happy Monday and have a great week!

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