Saturday, 28 May 2016

Another Saturday, Another Shopping Trip

Last Saturday I headed off to Milton Keynes, I wanted to get one thing.  When I left Milton Keynes I was carrying a few bags... Ooops.  I got 5 items, I could have done more damage.

Firstly I headed into Primark where I picked up a grey vest for my holiday, grey short shorts and a white dress.

Then I went into H&M.  I LOVE EVERYTHING IN H&M AT THE MOMENT.  I tried on so many things and I seriously wanted to buy the whole shop but I restrained myself.  This week I am in Birmingham on a big shopping spree... so you know what to expect in my next post!!

In H&M I bought some gorgeous teal coloured trousers, I think they will look great with a white crop top, and I also bought a plain white vest.

In the next week I might do something a little different and show you how I will style these items of clothing.  What's your favourite high street shop at the moment?


Thank you for reading. Any comments are appreciated :)