Wednesday, 2 March 2016

7 reasons why I am glad I applied for a marathon

Almost a year ago when I applied for the London Marathon, I didn't actually think I would have any chance of even getting in.  Then there's the first run I did back in October.  I only just completed 2 miles, my lungs hurt, my legs didn't know what was happening and I thought there was no chance of me being able to run a marathon.  Then there was my knee trouble.  Iliotibial band syndrome is a bitch.

But nonetheless I am still glad that I applied for the London Marathon and this is why:

1. Motivation
Before training for the marathon I did exercise.  I have a gym membership and I attended classes and sometimes went into the gym.  There were weeks when I went three times a week, which I thoought was a lot, there were weeks when I didn't go.  Now, I exercise almost everyday.  Because I have to, but because I also want to.  I feel motivated.  I don't just feel motivated to exercise, I feel motivated to do other stuff too now.  If I wake up early to go for a morning run or gym session, I then feel motivated to achieve loads in my day.

2. Fitness
Like I have said, it's not like I was a lazy slob before but my fitness levels have increased SO MUCH!! I can really tell the difference and I am loving it.  I am able to go faster and for longer on my runs and I am able to work at a much harder level in the gym.  I think I might be the fittest I have ever been in my whole 25 years of existence. I am super proud of this.

3. Looking good
I can officially say, this is the first time in my life I have been able to see my abs.  I knew they were in there somewhere!! My stomach is far flatter than it's ever been and my legs feel far more defined.  Even if no one else could tell the difference, and just I could notice it, I would be happy, but other people have commented on it as well.  I feel great!!  Which brings me nicely onto the next section.

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4. Diet
My diet has always been good (for the last 2 years) but it has increased dramatically and is so much better.  I'm not on a diet, I just have a good diet, and I enjoy my food.  This includes alcohol.  A year ago I used to drink every weekend, now I drink about once a month and my body loves me for it!!

5. Confidence
This ties in with looking good and fitness. I was never terribly un confident about my body, but since I have seen improvements I feel so much more confident about my body.  Before, I would be self conscious about wearing a bikini, now I cannot wait to go on holiday and strut about in a bikini with my new found confidence.

6. Achievement
I love a challenge and I love feeling success.  Every time I run a longer distance, or beat my previous fastest time I feel success.  When I did the half marathon, crossing that finish line was such a great feeling.  I had done it!!  I love each step of achieving and it leaves me wanting to achieve more.

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7. Challenging yourself
As I have said, I like being challenged.  I like setting targets and getting to those goals step by step.  It not only gives me a sense of achievement but motivates me and keeps me going.  These days I never think, oh I can't do it.  I think I will do it and will work out a way to get there.

Are there any goals you have set out to achieve this year?

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