Friday, 5 February 2016

Payday Haul

Last week was the much awaited payday, it had been a long month.  I was so excited, I needed money and I needed new things!  So on Saturday I headed to the shops.  I only had two hours to spare, but spend I did!

Usually I avoid sales like the plague but I found a few great things in the sales this time!! First I headed to H&M.  I LOVE H&M.

I am building my summer holiday clothes collection already.  This top will look great with my new black, high-waisted shorts.

I found this jumper in the sale for £7.

Next I headed to Zara.  As much as I like H&M, Zara is my absolute favourite.

I love this skirt, it was £9.99, I wore it the other night with my long sleeved black shirt, tucked into the skirt.

This top was also in the sale for £9.99.

These trousers were full price but they are gorgeous!

I then headed to Primark where I bought some leggings and a kimono for my summer holiday.

I went into John Lewis looking for a new nail polish and purchased this OPI polish in Over The Taupe.  I had to get this lipgloss, in Autumn Haze, which was in the sale for £4.50, I LOVE Burt's Bees.

I was in need of a new candle holder and spotted this one in the Yankee Candle shop.  The Candle in this holder at the moment is Snow In Love which I bought in December, the scent is gorgeous!!

Lastly, I went into Homesense.  I ADORE this shop, I could buy the whole shop!! I settled on two items and bought this plate and jug.  The plate was £4 in the sale.

I cannot wait for payday so I can go shopping again!!  Have you found any good bargains in the sales recently?

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