Thursday, 2 June 2016

Slam Dunk Festival 2016

This May bank holiday brought Slam Dunk Festival, my first festival of the year.  Slam Dunk Festival is held from Saturday to Monday.  Saturday's festival was held in Leeds, Sunday in Birmingham and Monday in Hatfield.  I went to the Birmingham venue.  Having previously only been to the Hatfield festival I hoped that Birmingham would be just as good, and it was!

We arrived at about 2.20pm to find a never ending queue.  Our hearts sunk.  We joined the queue, luckily the sun was shining down on us, we could hear a band from within the festival and I just wanted to be in there dancing in full on festival mode.  Within ten minutes of queuing we were inside the festival!

The first band we saw was Spunge, the perfect band to start off my festival season and as epic as I could have hoped for.  Then we went to Hit The Lights, Mayday Parade and Capdown - who I had never listened to before but I loved them!

We then saw Yellowcard, Mallory Knox, Set Your Goals, Zebrahead, Issues, The Starting Line and New Found Glory.

That was where I had a problem - the headliners.  I wanted to see Panic! At The Disco, Of Mice & Men, The King Blues and Shikari Sound System.  Four clashes.  I knew I couldn't see all of them so I whittled it down to two.  I saw the first half of Shikari, which was epic and I wanted to stay.  But then we ran to Panic! and their set was perfect and I was so glad I didn't miss it.

I had such a great time, saw some great bands, had a good dance, and had a laugh.  We had fun at the after party too.  My thoughts on the Birmingham Slam Dunk is that it is far more organised than the Hatfield venue, however they constantly kept the main arena so cold that at more than one point I found myself shivering.

Did you go to Slam Dunk or any other festival over the bank holiday?

I posted some pictures over on my Instagram @mariasadventures90 and I managed to save just a few of my snapchat videos and photos the next day before they disappeared.

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