Sunday, 21 July 2013

Make The Most Of University

After finishing university about two months ago, I did not quite believe that I had completed four years of my degree and it was finished forever.  It did not sink in for such a long time but with the starting date of my job looming closer and closer (eek it's tomorrow) it now seems very real.  My time at university has had it's ups and downs but it's been such a blast and I would definitely do it all over again!

Here are my six tips for making the most of university:

Join clubs and societies.  It gives you a chance to do something you have never done before, or you can join in with an activity you have always wanted to do.  It also gives you a chance to meet new people, it's fun and you may discover an activity you really love.  I only really got involved with things in my last year and really wish I had got involved much sooner from day one!

Explore the place you live in.  Again, I did not make the most of this opportunity for a very long time. But when I did start looking around it was great to explore new towns, big cities and little villages.  Especially if you are at a university in a small town you can start to feel very trapped if you don't get out and about.  It stops any boredom and you can make new friends if you ask people at university to join you.

Get out there and make friends.  It seems like an obvious one but introducing yourself to random people can be a bit daunting.  I remember on the first week I met so many people.  I ended up going on nights out with random people I had just met, to house parties and socialising with so many people in my block of flats.  I didn't talk to many of those people after the first few months, but the more you get out there, the more likely you are to make friends.

Study.  Again another obvious one.  But don't make the same mistake I did and not study in your first year then end up failing.  I feel like such a loser for this mistake but learnt from this and got much higher grades in my other years.  Don't leave everything until the last minute, plan ahead and know what is expected of you.

Prepare for your future career.  I know so many people that have finished university in the last two years who still do not know what to do with their lives.  They are in jobs that they hate, or even worse, don't have a job at all.  Before starting and leaving university I have researched different careers, done lots of work experience and been to various careers fair.  The future seems so far away and it seems like a lot of effort to do, but it does all pay off.

Go on nights out.  Get socialising.  Or not necessarily on nights out if that isn't your sort of thing.  Any sort of event.  Organise things, attend events and gatherings.  This is the way you will make good friends, so any time you are bored you will be able to call up a mate instead watching the next cat video on Youtube.

So to round it up, HAVE FUN but study as well :D

I am moving to my new flat later on today where I will not have any internet.  Who knows how long it will be until I get internet set up! So it may be another long silence from me.  Meanwhile you can follow me on instagram.

Do you have any university tips to share, or will you be going to university this year?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Nobody Likes You When You're 23.

Again, another long silence from me. I have been very busy.  I have a job!! I have not yet started but have been busy organising for my new job and getting a flat sorted! It's all very exciting and I will be posting about it soon.

But on to other news.  I turned twenty-three on Wednesday.  Wow, 23! How scary!  On the evening of my birthday I went out for a meal and drinks with a friend.  The following day me and my Mother went to the theatre in London to see We Will Rock You.  I had never been to a theatre before so that was quite exciting.  I then went out on Friday night with my university mates and spent the day in London on Saturday sunbathing and drinking.  We took a stroll through Hyde Park where we knew the Rolling Stones were playing.  Although we didn't have tickets we were able to stand right next to the stage on the outside of the gate and hear the music very clearly.  We even saw a few glimpses of the band when they opened the gate.  It was such a good atmosphere with people dancing, drinking, trying to peep through the fence and enjoying some free music.  Four days of drinking and no sleep really takes it's toll though and I am now exhausted!

Here are some birthday pictures.

Present from my parents.  Love this perfume!

Another present from my parents.  Bag from Next.

Present from me... to me.  Shoes from ASOS.
I wore these on Wednesday night... nearly toppled over a good few times!

Present to myself.  New phone!!

Much better than my crappy old Blackberry!

Me ready to go out on Friday night.

I am now going to slap some suncream on and spend the rest of the day enjoying the sun before I start working.

I hope you had a good weekend!