Monday, 31 December 2012


The year is almost up!  It's had its ups and downs.  In fact, if I'm honest, it's mostly been downs.  But in the last month things have turned around and become good again.  I am not here to remember the bad times though, so here I am with the good times of 2012.

So 2012 didn't start off too bad.

Then in April I saw Lostprophets in Wales and Birmingham (where I met a few of them).

I went to Download Festival in June.

I went to the Olympics.

I got pierced.

I started doing pole dancing.  I started boxercise classes.  Also in the last 2 months I have lost 1 stone (although have probably put it all back on in the last week).

Then there's my different hairstyles of 2012.

So there's my 2012.  I hope you all have a great 2013!!

Friday, 28 December 2012

New Clothes

So that's Christmas over for another year! Wow hasn't this year gone so fast! I had a quiet Christmas with my parents, brother and Grandad, but it was nice to spend time with my family. I was very spoilt and got lots of nice things!  Here are some of the clothes I got as well as a sexy new, iPad. Yes, it's so sexy.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!  What did you all get?

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

So, I've just bought my Mother's Christmas present (yes, a little late I know) which is this, it looks lovely.  I have spent the day baking.  I am about to wrap all my presents, and then off to the pub.  Finally I am feeling a bit Christmassy!  So Happy Christmas to you all for tomorrow, I hope you have a great day whatever you are doing.

Here are my snowmen cakes that I made earlier, having never baked before today I think they are a masterpiece!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Yes, It's Been A While

Do I feel guilty that I haven't blogged for ages?  No, not really... As I have been out enjoying life!  OK so first I stopped because my good camera broke and a blog without pictures is quite boring. Then I got really busy with university work. Then I became busy with other stuff and started having an awesome time and making most of my last year at university.  Now I am here to blog about it again but with a slight change of direction for this blog.  My good camera is still broken, and I am still trying to fix it so you will have to put up with crappy pictures from my other camera for now.

So now onto my music favourites which I used to do every Friday!

1. Foals - Inhaler
Foals.  New song.  Need I say more?! I keep hearing this song on the radio.  I loved it the first time I heard it, but each time I hear it, I love it even more. Awesome band!

2. The Virginmarys - Everyone's a Criminal

3. Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

4. Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode)

5. Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote
Ultimate getting ready for a night out song.

Yesterday I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London and did a bit of ice skating.  So awesome and Christmassy!

Then of course we had to walk past Claridges as well:

As usual, if you have any favourite songs at the moment, then let me know!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Music Favourites

I have abandoned this blog lately.  I have been so busy working hard on placement, trying to do my university work, and trying to maintain my life around work I feel like I have barely had time to eat and sleep let alone blog!  Next week is my last week on placement for a while and I can't wait to have some time away from the hospital (where I work on placement) .  I have a big practical assessment coming up next week so I need to study hard for that and hopefully I will pass and all this stress and hard work will pay off.

Anyway, on to my music favorites of the week (which I normally do on a Friday but was too exhausted last night):

1. Sub Focus - Tidal Wave
Link to Youtube
LOVE Sub Focus, LOVE this track.  I would love to go and see Sub Focus again and hearing this song live would be immense.  

2. Two Door Cinema Club - Sun

3. Rihanna - Diamonds
Link to Youtube
Everyone must have heard this song and I think it is too over played but when I first heard this song on the radio I loved it straight away!  I still sing along every time I hear this song.

4. The Vaccines - Misbehaviour
Link to Youtube

5. AN21 & Max Vangeli Feat. Example - Whisper
Link to Youtube

Let's hope I will have time for more blogging soon!  If you have any music suggestions you think I may like or want me to listen to, then leave your suggestions in the comments!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


For a while now I have been wanting to get a tragus piercing and last week I finally decided that I was going to get it done this weekend.  I searched around many piercing and tattoo shops and after much searching I came across the perfect shop with great reviews.  So yesterday afternoon nervously, but excitedly, I drove down there ready to get pierced.  Here is the result:

I had psyched myself up so much getting ready for the pain that when it was done, I didn't actually think it was that painful.  But then I can handle pain really well.  The ache and throb afterwards was worse and now my ear and jaw aches a bit but I suspect that will stop hurting after a few days.  I'm so glad I got this piercing as I love it and thinks it looks awesome!

Majorly hanging today as I went to the pub last night and had a few too many ciders and cocktails, then came home and proceeded to share a bottle of wine with a housemate.  Thus I went to sleep at 5.30AM.  Ahhh I love student life, might as well do stuff like that while I can!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Music Favourites

It's been a stressful week! I have been working on placement from 4PM - 12AM. It was a very different and interesting week but extremely tiring along with essays and work to complete. I now feel like I have become nocturnal and somehow need to sort my sleep out over the weekend so I can return to normal hours next week, ready to wake up at 6.30AM on Monday. Eurgh. I hate that time.

 My music favourites of the week:

1. Foster The People - Waste

2. Dirty Disco Youth - Drive

3. Santigold - The Keepers

 4. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)
Link to Youtube
Swedish House Mafia <3 This song <3 LOVE IT!!

5. Yashin - Friends In High Places

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Nails

I have been so busy and tired lately!  Last week at the beginning of the week on the way home from placement my car broke down which meant it was unusable until it got fixed.  So that meant I had to get the bus to and from placement which involved waking up at 5.45AM and getting in at 7PM.  It was awful and I hated it, I felt tired all the time and had an essay to complete.  But luckily my car is now fixed and me and Barry (my car) have been reunited.  This week on placement I am working from 4PM until 12AM which should be interesting, I have never worked until midnight before.

This weekend I didn't do much, just caught up on sleep, started and completed my essay, watched films and TV, played a new computer game and went to my parents house yesterday for dinner.

Some of you might remember this post where I mentioned some new nail brushes.

I got them from Amazon for £2.49 from here.  I have had a few goes with them and it turns out I am quite rubbish.  But my nails this weekend weren't so bad.

As you can tell, I am not so good at doing my right hand!  The blue nail varnish is Lasting Fix from 17 in seabreeze.  It claims up to 5 days lasting colour but as you can tell from the photo, some of it is already chipped.

Hope you all had a good weekend!