Sunday, 28 October 2012


For a while now I have been wanting to get a tragus piercing and last week I finally decided that I was going to get it done this weekend.  I searched around many piercing and tattoo shops and after much searching I came across the perfect shop with great reviews.  So yesterday afternoon nervously, but excitedly, I drove down there ready to get pierced.  Here is the result:

I had psyched myself up so much getting ready for the pain that when it was done, I didn't actually think it was that painful.  But then I can handle pain really well.  The ache and throb afterwards was worse and now my ear and jaw aches a bit but I suspect that will stop hurting after a few days.  I'm so glad I got this piercing as I love it and thinks it looks awesome!

Majorly hanging today as I went to the pub last night and had a few too many ciders and cocktails, then came home and proceeded to share a bottle of wine with a housemate.  Thus I went to sleep at 5.30AM.  Ahhh I love student life, might as well do stuff like that while I can!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Music Favourites

It's been a stressful week! I have been working on placement from 4PM - 12AM. It was a very different and interesting week but extremely tiring along with essays and work to complete. I now feel like I have become nocturnal and somehow need to sort my sleep out over the weekend so I can return to normal hours next week, ready to wake up at 6.30AM on Monday. Eurgh. I hate that time.

 My music favourites of the week:

1. Foster The People - Waste

2. Dirty Disco Youth - Drive

3. Santigold - The Keepers

 4. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)
Link to Youtube
Swedish House Mafia <3 This song <3 LOVE IT!!

5. Yashin - Friends In High Places

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Nails

I have been so busy and tired lately!  Last week at the beginning of the week on the way home from placement my car broke down which meant it was unusable until it got fixed.  So that meant I had to get the bus to and from placement which involved waking up at 5.45AM and getting in at 7PM.  It was awful and I hated it, I felt tired all the time and had an essay to complete.  But luckily my car is now fixed and me and Barry (my car) have been reunited.  This week on placement I am working from 4PM until 12AM which should be interesting, I have never worked until midnight before.

This weekend I didn't do much, just caught up on sleep, started and completed my essay, watched films and TV, played a new computer game and went to my parents house yesterday for dinner.

Some of you might remember this post where I mentioned some new nail brushes.

I got them from Amazon for £2.49 from here.  I have had a few goes with them and it turns out I am quite rubbish.  But my nails this weekend weren't so bad.

As you can tell, I am not so good at doing my right hand!  The blue nail varnish is Lasting Fix from 17 in seabreeze.  It claims up to 5 days lasting colour but as you can tell from the photo, some of it is already chipped.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Music Favourites

Morning!!  Oh... Wait... Is it afternoon already?  I know, I know, I have abandoned this blog in the last week.  But our internet wasn't working.  Then bad things happened to me and of course I don't want to turn this into a depressed, listen to my problems type blog.  I have been quite busy anyway surrounding myself with friends to make me feel better which worked well.  Apart from that I have been on placement and working hard on the mounds of university work that I have.

I have decided this post is going to be a music-type post.  On this blog I haven't written much about music which is very surprising since a lot of my time is spent listening to music.  So today, and each week, I am going to tell you about my 5 favourite songs of the week.  I have a varied taste in music so each song may be very different, or quite similar, it depends on what mood I am feeling in that week.

1. David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)
Link to Youtube
I first heard this song on Radio 1 and fell in love straight away.  Whenever I am driving and this song comes on the radio I have to turn it up LOUD.  I'm not sure what it is I like about this song but it is upbeat and makes me feel happy.

2. Portugal.  The Man - So American
Link to Youtube

3. Santigold - Disparate Youth
Link to Youtube

4. Matrix & Futurebound Feat. Luke Bingham - All I Know (M & F's Rolling Radio Mix) 
Link to Youtube

5. Rudimental - Feel The Love feat. John Newman
I have listened to this song again and again and again, and it never gets old.  To me, this song can never be too over played.  It has been one of my favourites for months and never fails to cheer me up, I love it that much so just had to add it to the list.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Head To Toe In Primark

I got a couple of deliveries in the post this morning.  I love getting post!  It's quite sad really but I do like getting a letter or parcel through the letterbox addressed to me.  I had bought some nail art brushes and some Lily Lolo foundation (in the Blondie shade if you're interested).  I will be testing out the brushes soon.

I am loving hoodies at the moment on those slightly chilly days.  What I wore to university today:

Green top:  Primark
Black top:  Primark
Hoodie:  Republic
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Primark

When I got dressed this morning I didn't even realise I was wearing all Primark clothes.

After my lectures today I drove back home to my parents house as I had my new laptop waiting for me.  As soon as I got home I opened the packaging and turned it on straight away.  I was so excited, it felt like Christmas!  My new laptop is so sexy and nice and shiny.  Pictures to follow!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Friday = Wine Time!

The weekend is getting closer and I cannot wait!! I have been working so hard this week on my university essays, project and learning things that as soon as it gets to Friday evening the pen will be put down, the books will be closed and I am going to relax all weekend.  I especially deserve the weekend off as next week I am starting placement which will be tiring and hard work.

It was quite sunny today although windy.  I like this weather because it doesn't involve wrapping up in huge jumpers, coats and scarfs.  I am really loving the colour green at the moment and found this jacket in my wardrobe so wore it to university today.

Jacket:  Next
Top:  River Island
Jeans:  River Island
Shoes:  Primark
I have been doing a little experiment with the dark lines under my eyes as they were getting really bad!!  I have been inspecting at them everyday and taking pictures each day to see if they really are improving and they seem to be!!  After the week is up I will be posting about how I manage to greatly reduce them, hopefully I will manage to succeed in this!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Looking Like A Million Dollars... Not So Much

Do you ever have those days when you think you look really good?  Your make-up looks nice, your hair looks awesome and your outfit is great.  Then you get home and take pictures of yourself for your blog and realise that actually, you really don't look that good after all.  Today is one of those days for me.  However, on the upside at least I walked around acting really confident all day because I thought I looked amazing.

Today at university was a nice day.  I got to meet a few new people that I got on well with which was great.  I love meeting new people!

Blazer:  New Look
X-Ray T-Shirt:  Urban Outfitters
Grey T-Shirt (underneath):  Primark
Jeans:  River Island
Old, skanky boots are from Barratts.
I am always unsure what to pair this blazer with and have regretted buying it since someone told me it made me look like a teacher.  But I was in a dark/navy kind of mood.

My new laptop arrived today at my parents house.  I cannot wait to get over there to pick it up and check it out!  Very excited right now!  (Over a laptop... is that sad?)

Monday, 1 October 2012


Next week I am starting placement for 6 weeks, which means short nails and no nail varnish, so I thought I would give myself a manicure.  I always like to do this when my nails have grown to a decent length.

Firstly I applied Nivea's Calcium Power in Soft Rose.  This nail varnish claims to strengthen nails and gives my nails a lovely light pink colour.  I used one coat of this.  The white colour was from a gift set someone bought me from Debenhams.  I started off by covering the natural white bit on my nail, then if my hand slips or I make a mistake I have room to make that white bit a touch thicker without looking silly.  I applied two coats of this.  After this had dried I gave it two coats of Lasting Colour by Collection 2000 as a top coat.  The clear Lasting Colour varnish claims to last 10 days so I am going to see if it lasts!

What I wore today to university:  Summer colours for a rainy day.  Yes, it was raining today and I didn't realise resulting in muddy shoes, wet clothes and frizzy hair.  Even though it is quite obvious summer is now over I am still loving this mint green colour so won't stop wearing it just yet!

Top:  Vero Moda
Blazer:  Krisp
Jeans:  River Island
Shoes:  Primark

At the moment I'm in my own little world of university where I don't have to wake up that early, can have naps in the middle of the day, can watch television or films in the day and do my own thing when I don't have lectures, can stay in my pyjamas all day when I don't need to go out, can go shopping in the middle of the day, have time to do my essays and work, can hang out with housemates whenever I want and can go to bed at whatever time I want.  Like I mentioned earlier I have placement next week so will soon snap out of this.  But at the moment I am quite content in my own university bubble.