Thursday, 27 September 2012

Back To School Outfit

Dissertation.  That one, big, scary word that all university students dread.  Or at least, I did.  But now that time is upon me where I have to write ten thousand words about a subject that interests me.  I can see my work is cut out for me for the next six months while I complete my final year of university.  I can see that it's going to be tough and I am going to have to study hard to get the marks I want, but it's the final stretch of being a student and I am quite excited.

It was back to university for me yesterday.  I have never been keen on sitting in a lecture room for hours having someone talk at me while I concentrate on not falling asleep.  But it was good to be back.  As my course requires me to do weeks of placement, then weeks of university, I spend those weeks of placement wearing a uniform and very little make-up.  But when I am back to university I can wear whatever I want and put on more make-up which I love.

I never like dressing up too much for university, I don't understand why someone would want to wear heels and clothes that make them look like they are on a night out, but then I don't like looking like I've just woken up either.  So I wore a simple outfit:  Clothes from my wardrobe which I am sure you have all seen before.  I think these are my favourite pair of jeans.

I'm feeling quite positive about life at the moment :)

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