Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sick Day

I'm ill :(  I think I have some sort of throat infection and I'm burning up all over and I'm achey.  This sucks.  Being ill is one of the bad things about being at university, no parents to look after you or make you food or to show you their sympathy.  I went into placement today and spent all day regretting it, I felt that ill.  Even Ibuprofen wasn't working properly for me!

I just had some banana and Nutella on toast.  I wasn't hungry but I thought I should eat something as I couldn't stop shaking.  But now I feel sick.  I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow!... And yes, you should all feel sorry for me suffering through my pain and illness at work when I don't even get paid.  Haha!

Hope you have all day a better day than I have!


  1. Ahhhh I hope you feel better soon, lovely!
    The nutella and banana look delicious, hmmmmm!

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    Have an amazing week!


  2. That looks delicious. So sorry you're sick, since you don't feel very hungry you should try have some orange juice or something that can provide you with some vitamins to fight off the disease. Also if your throat is hurting have some peanut butter, that's how I usually recover! Feel better :)

    1. Yes, I'm all stocked up on orange and cranberry juice.
      Peanut butter? Hmmm might have to get some to see if it works!

  3. great blog

  4. omg what a great post :)
    I love bananas!


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