Monday, 21 December 2015

Switzerland Adventures: Part II

This post may be a little delayed.  Ok very delayed.  I took this trip back in the summer.  But with dark, cold January approaching I think we could all do with seeing pictures of beautiful mountains and sunshine.  You can read all about part 1 of my Switzerland trip here.

After Zurich I took the train down to Interlaken.  I got off the train with my massive bag and suitcase and started the walk towards the hostel, following the map around the little streets.  My bag was ridiculously heavy, it was a boiling hot day and I was sweating.  But the scenery kept me going, and I didn't get lost!  I had never seen a scenery like it, it was the most stunning thing I had ever seen!!! The pictures will do the talking!!

As the name suggests, Inerlaken is a town situated inbetween lakes.  It is also surrounded by mountains.  I couldn't stop staring at the snowy mountains in the blazing hot sun.  The buildings also captured my attention, there were lots of little cute buildings.  I could imagine myself living in one of them, being able to view the mountains from my home.

The weather was gorgeous with it reaching nearly 40 degrees some days.  However one late afternoon for an hour or so the rain was horrendous, but the thunder and lightening was tremendously exciting.  The roar of the thunder across the mountains, and the flash of lightening over the scenery, it was a remarkable experience.

I stayed for three nights at a hostel called Balmers Herberge in Interlaken.  On the day that I arrived I was too early to enter my room so I sat in the garden for a couple of hours.  It was so nice!! However that's where the niceness ended.  The room was tiny, but that is to be expected with hostels so it didn't bother me.  It's who I shared the room with.  I shared a room with the dirtiest people (who didn't speak English) who were incredibly noisy at night time, they never seemed to leave the room day or night, and they ate food in the room causing a fly problem.  I guess it's just luck of the draw really and I could have ended up sharing with anyone, and it was only for 3 nights.  The hostel also offered a free breakfast which was a bonus.

Before I left England I purchased a travel pass which allowed me to use rail, bus and boat for 15 days.  It also gave me a discount to some attractions including museums and mountain top trains.  I would definitely recommend this if you are thinking of travelling around the country.  I got on a train every day I was in Switzerland, and didn't have to think about buying a ticket or how much it was going to cost.  I just hopped on.

One day, I went up a mountain.  Before I visited Interlaken I had done some research and decided that I wanted to get a train up Harder Kulm.  So I took a very nice walk along a river to the little train station that would take me up the mountain.  The train went up backwards so I got the most incredible view of the mountain as we went up.  When I was up the mountain I was a little disappointed.  I mean, there was the most amazing view, but then there was a restaurant, and that was it.  I was imagining paths to walk along, but everyone just seemed to sit down and order a drink.  So I went on my own walk further up the mountain through a forest area, and I got the most amazing views.  It was so quiet apart from the birds tweeting, and the rustle of leaves.  After the most amazing experience up this mountain I got the train back.

Whilst I was staying in Interlaken I visited some nearby towns including Brienz, Spiez and Thun.  All were equally as beautiful as each other.

The scenery here was incredible, I felt like I was in true Switzerland.

This place was slightly busier but I enjoyed walking along the river, exploring the town, and then sitting on a patch of grass looking onto a private part of the river for people who owned boats.

Without a doubt, this place was my absolute favourite out of the three.  I first went on a red hot sizzling day, and then on a grey, colder, and windier day. While the hotter day was better, both days I fell in love with the place.  The huge lake and the mountains in the background, this place felt so calm and serene.  I would have just loved to have taken a boat out and spent hours on the lake.  Instead I spent hours sitting by the lake, feet in the water, reading a book, and occasionally staring into the amazing scenery.

I could easily have shown you all of my photos from the Interlaken area, it was just SO beautiful!! I loved every place I visited in Switzerland, but I think this leg of my trip was my favourite due to the beautifulness and sereneness of it all!!

I crammed so much into my three days here.  I then got onto the train with all my luggage and headed for Basel.

Have you ever been to Switzerland?  Where is the best place you have ever been to?

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