Sunday, 7 December 2014

Weekly Summary

It's been a busy week and a long one.  I had the beginning of the week off work which I made the most of, I went Christmas shopping, bought all my Christmas presents and a few things for myself, then worked the rest of the week and into the weekend unfortunately.

1. 1st December! Percy Pig advent calender!
2. Lots of hot cups of tea.
3. It's boots kind of weather!
4. Ooops.  Spent more than I should have shopping.
5. YAY December means I officially can wear Christmas socks!
6.  Christmas crumpets.
7. Christmas hat from Primark (sick of the word Christmas yet?).
8. New nail varnishes in a sale.
9. Being a fatty eating a whole pizza.
10. New Christmas jumper from Primark!
11. Cool Batman pjs.
12. More Christmas socks!
13. Love these burgundy coloured trousers.
14. Stocked up for my Saturday night shift.

The week ended in me working a night shift last night which I totally wasn't up to as I have an awful cold and was feeling so rough.  I was only able to eat ice cream and drink tea all day as my throat was so swollen.  If it was a normal day at work I would have called in sick, alas I can't really phone in sick for a night shift as there would be no one else to cover it so I suffered for my job.  This morning I finished work at 9AM and have spent the rest of the day in bed feeling sorry for myself, eating ice cream and drinking tea.  A rubbish end to a good week!
Hope you have all had a nice week!


  1. Your Christmas socks are so cute! And I'm sorry you are feeling sick, I really hope you feel better soon :)


  2. Stunning post! So cool and inspirational!

  3. looks like you had a great week! Love the cozy christmasy feel to this post!

    rae of love from berlin

  4. This is too cute, looks like such a Christmassy week! ;)


  5. Christmas crumpets! Somehow they taste so much better when they're tree shaped hehe xx

    1. Anything Christmas shaped is always better tasting :D

  6. wish we had lemsip in the states...i have some that i hoard bc i swear it works!

    1. It definitely works. It works wonders!


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