Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Thirty before 30: Part I

Recently I have been reading a few blog posts on 25 things before the age of 25.  Yes!! I thought.  I want to do that! But seeing as I am already at the grand age of 25, and life does not end at 25, I am going to make a list of 30 things before I'm 30.

In January of this year I made a post about my Non New Years Resolutions.  If anyone knows me, I hate to make new years resolutions.  They're always the same each year, you never stick to them, then you make the same resolutions in the next year.  This lead to making some non new years resolutions, or as I liked to call them, life changes.  This year I am mixing it up a bit and making a bit of a bucket list of goals to achieve before I am thirty years old.

I have separated this into two posts as I thought it was getting a bit too long!

  1. Travel to the USA
    I have been all over Europe and have never really thought about travelling to the USA, but in the last year I have been thinking about going.  It's a big place and there's so much to experience, I better get planning!!

  2. Work somewhere outside of the UK.
    I have a degree that allows me to work in a hospital (I don't mention my job on this blog as I would like to keep that side of my life separate). When I was a student I had the chance to gain experience working anywhere I wanted for a couple of weeks, in the UK, or if I was brave enough, outside of the UK. Unfortunately I didn't take this chance.  But lately I have been thinking that it would be great to work somewhere else whether that be New Zealand, Singapore or Spain.  Whether it's 6 months or 2 years, I would like to work abroad at some point in my life.

  3. Get a promotion.
    Whilst we are mentioning work, I would like to go far in my career.  Almost a year ago I got a promotion, I think another few years with more experience under my belt I could go further in my career.

  4. Learn a language.
    This is something I have always wanted to do.  At university I attempted to learn a language but my degree was pretty intense and I never got around to it.  Then I started working, I often work long hours, and if I'm not working then I'm at the gym or seeing friends and family.  There's always an excuse.  I'll be able to make some time somewhere to lean a language.

  5. Run another marathon.
    I say this with wishful thinking.  I haven't even run my first marathon yet.  I have my first marathon coming up in April in London, so I have to battle through that.  Then I'm sure I will want to do another one if the first one doesn't kill me.  Maybe I'll do a marathon in another country.

  6. Take up a hobby that isn't sport.
    I have never been the sort of person that can just sit down on an evening and watch TV.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I am so knackered from work that's all I do.  But generally speaking, I like to be doing something.  I do a lot of sport.  One day it's running, another day it's pole dancing, another day yoga, the next I'll go to the gym.  I would like to take up a hobby that does not involve any working out or sport, whatever that may be.

  7. Join a sports team.
    Whilst we are on the subject of sport, I would like to mention that I have never been in a sports team.  For some time now, the idea of joining a sports team has appealed to me.  Whether that be netball, hockey, football, or something completely different.  I would like to join a sports team within the next year.

  8. Treat my parents.
    My parents have always been there for me, helping me along the way.  Through university I had a job to fund myself, but in my final year I just couldn't cope with the amount of studying and working at the same time so I had to quit.  This is where my parents stepped in, and helped me out.  When I left university I planned to pay them back in some way, but then of course I couldn't afford it.  Now I feel that I am starting to get into the position where I can pay them back.  My parents would never accept me giving them money.  So I would like to treat them to the holiday of their dreams.  I hope to do this in the next 4 years.

  9. Volunteer.
    I'm no stranger to volunteering.  In the past I have volunteered to gain experience for my education and career, and I have volunteered for fun.  But I have never selflessly volunteered, to not gain anything back from it.  I would like to volunteer, to give up my time and that alone.

  10. Help the homeless.
    I will let you in on a secret.  I have never given money to a homeless person.  My Dad does all the time, but in my head I am always thinking, you never know what they are going to do with that money! Then you hear about those people who take random homeless people out for a meal, or there's those shelters that make warm food.  I should be a part of that.

  11. Buy a house.
    In May of this year I purchased and moved into the first property that I have owned, my flat which I now call my little, cosy home.  It was an amazing feeling and it still is!! Whilst I love my flat and could not wish for anything better right now, one day I would like to own a house.

  12. Travel to Iceland.
    Iceland has always been one of those countries that appeals to me and I would absolutely love to go!! I almost went in the summer and never did.  But I have to go one day!!

  13. Travel to New Zealand.
    I have a list of the top five places I would like to visit, New Zealand is on that list.

  14. Make an item of clothing for myself.
    I see my Mum make clothes for herself all the time.  I really admire that skill.  The time and patience it takes, the creativeness.  I would love to have a go at it!

  15. Travel to another country alone.
    Back in July, I went travelling around a country all by myself!  It was an amazing and exhilarating experience.  I would love to do it again.

How does this list compare to your life goals?

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