Monday, 16 November 2015

Saturday Shopping Spree

Sometimes, I will go shopping and won't see anything that I want.  I hate those days.  Sometimes I will go shopping and will want everything in every shop.  My bank account hates those days.  Saturday was one of those days.

I had gone out shopping with the purpose of finding a top to go with the skirt I bought a week ago for my work Christmas party.  However stupidly enough I didn't bring the skirt, I saw loads of tops that I liked and wanted to buy every one of them in case they went well with the skirt.  After buying two tops I realised this was a stupid idea and managed to limit myself, planning to go shopping again on Monday with said skirt.  I did get a few bits and bobs though.

I absolutely love this top from New Look! It looks even better on.  This is the style of top I was looking for to go with my skirt, however my skirt is black and gold and this top is black and silver.  That being said it just about goes.  However I have only tried this top on twice and already loads of the sequins have fallen off. For the price I paid for this I don't expect the sequins to fall off so easily, I haven't even worn it out yet! It also has bits of thread hanging off it, and the hem doesn't look straight.  Even though I am in love with the look of this top, it will be returned.

This top is also from New Look.  I wouldn't usually wear a white top, so I like that it is different to what I would normally wear.  However it doesn't quite go with the skirt I have.  I would definitely keep this top if my bank account could allow it, but I have no occasion to wear this to so sadly I have to return it.

I found a candle shop! Snow In Love is my favourite smell out of these, I could sniff it all day! This candle holder goes perfectly with my spare room that I am doing up.  I can't wait to show you all pictures of my new home that is just about finished!

Sunday was hair dye day, this shade of red goes perfectly into my hair.  I was not planning on purchasing Hand Food but I walked past it in the shop, and my hands have been a little dry since the weather got colder.  I have not bought this hand cream in ages and I forgot how much I love it!!

I love this Tea Tree water from Lush.  I had run out months ago but hadn't gotten around to getting a new one.  I also thought I would try Ocean Salt, I have used it once so far and love it already.

My last purchase was this crop top from Topshop.  I originally bought it to go under the black top from New Look, which I am now not going to keep but I have decided to keep this crop top as it wasn't too expensive and I have clothes that this top would go with.

So today is Monday and I am out shopping again, let's see what I will find this time!

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