Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Monday Shopping Spree

On Monday I went shopping to return two items and feared for my bank account, not knowing if I would be able to resist certain items that I had my eye on. Luckily I was very good and managed to only buy a few items... until my next shopping fix!

I love this shirt from Warehouse.  It will go really well with the skirt I have bought for my work Christmas party.  I realise this shirt is quite plain for a Christmas party but with a large gold necklace I think this will look perfect. This shirt fit so well and felt so nice on, I think that if I don't wear it to the party as intended I will definitely keep this.  Got to love a shirt that suits me so well and feels great on.

I really like this gold headband from New Look.  Head bands aren't usually my thing, but I really like the leaf design, and wearing such a plain shirt I feel like I need to go big on the hair and accessories.  This could also be worn at a summer festival to keep back that minging stray hair,

These days I love buying sports gear as much as I like purchasing other clothes.  How things can change!  I bought these both from Sports Direct.  I am still on the lookout for the perfect sports bra so if anyone knows where I can get one... let me know!

Since the 5p carrier bag charge has been brought into force in England, I seem to actually buy less stuff! I refuse to buy a bag, what's the point when I am sitting on a gold mine of them at home.  I try to take carrier bags shopping with me, but sometimes I run out and sometimes I end up buying more stuff than expected, then there's those unexpected spontaneous shopping trips where I don't even bring any bags!  Personally, as annoying as it is, I am all for the carrier bag charge if it is going to help the environment.  For the last few years I have rarely taken a bag from a supermarket, I would always bring my own, so why can't it be the same for other shops.  But if it's going to stop me from buying as much then it's certainly a bonus for my bank account, maybe not so good for business though.

Finally, I thought I would show you the outfit that I have planned for my work Christmas party.  I bought this skirt a few weeks ago from Warehouse.  It was love at first sight and it fits perfectly! It complements the small bit of weight I have lost in the last few months.  This is the skirt that I have been trying to find a top to go with but finally think I have it.  Now I am on the lookout for gold sparkly shoes, a hand bag to match and a suitable gold necklace.  You can never have too many sparkles and gold at a Christmas party, right?!

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