Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Last Week

The last week has gone by in a blur.  I feel like I have had too many late nights, too much time at work and not enough exercise.  Probably the same as every week, right?! Anyway, here is a summary of my week in pictures.

1. Been struggling to get out of bed in the mornings.  2. Sweaty gym selfie.  3. Yummy raspberry smoothie in bed.
4. Pancake day!!!  5. Pancake attempt 1 - Scrambled pancake. 6. Finally they got better!
7. Sunday baking: Banana + cinnamon cupcakes.  8. Love my new mascara.  6. Week of bad cooking - It's an omelette.

1. Another picture of my mascara because it makes my eyelashes feel awesome.
2. Favorite new smoothie - Cherries, banana + cacao powder.
3. Another dodgy pancake.

1. Sundays are for cake and tea.
2. Ready for Friday night drinks - My long hair is becoming harder to style.
3. Will never stop loving this kimono (taking a picture of my outfit at 3AM is always a good idea...what?!)

On to my food diary for the week.  It's not been such a bad week!

I am disappointed that I only did 3 days of exercise but with late shifts it has been difficult.  The pizza is the worst thing on the list but it's a Saturday so I left myself off with that one.  I am also proud of myself for only having 2 glasses of wine - Yay to limiting my alcohol intake!!  I have noticed that I drink copious amounts of tea. I need to lower my tea intake!  I would also like to start reducing the amount I snack during the day, or if I really am hungry I should have maybe some veg instead of Nutella and toast!

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. Yum to the smoothies and those banana and cinnamon muffins, sound so tasty! :)


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