Sunday, 9 September 2012


My third year university work is already stressing me out and it's just a fraction of the work we have to do this year!  It is what I have been spending each evening after placement working on and I still don't feel like it's up to a good enough standard!  I always like to produce my work up to a really good standard but on this piece it is just not happening!  It doesn't help that I left it to the last minute, which is what I always do with work, but it seems like in third year you have to be prepared in advance!

I had plans to go away with my parents this weekend for one night.  So yesterday morning we packed our bags and set off.  After a good days shopping and sitting by the sea we went back to the hotel to check in and get ready for an evening meal and some drinks for my parents anniversary.  But we got to the hotel to find that it had been booked for the previous night by mistake!  This is the sort of thing that generally happens to my family!! So after a few arguments, blaming each other and thinking what do we do now we tried to book another hotel in the area but they were all full up so we had to turn around and go home! It sucked and was a waste of an evening and made what could have been a nice evening and good weekend turn into a crappy one.  But at least I got some new tights out of it bought by my Mum and I get today to finish my assignment which has to be handed in tomorrow.  Boo!

I hope you can see these crappy pictures taken by my Blackberry.  I left my camera at University!!

I love these new tights from Primark, they had a great selection there!  I really like some of their Autumn selection too so will be back into Primark some time soon to browse around!

I hope you all had a better weekend than I did and got to enjoy the lovely sunshine!


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