Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET!! YAAYYYY!  So now I am fully settled into my house at university, with fully functioning internet and I am loving this house and my new room now everything is unpacked and has a home!  Photos to come!... When I work out where I put all my camera-y bits.  I'm still on placement and have been finding this week very tiring and hard-work but I am learning lots and putting in lots of effort which seems to be paying off.

But onto the main reason of this post.  Today I am going to express my love for this woman:

Photo from:  Reading Festival

FLORENCE! From Florence + The Machine!

Photo from: here
I watched Florence and The Machine at Reading Festival on television, and then live at Bestival on Youtube... and I love her!  I love her voice, her music, the clothes she wears and her hair.  I went to see Florence + The Machine live a few years ago and the performance she puts on really does look as good as it looks on television.  I would love to go and see her again!

Photo from: Florence + The Machine's  Facebook page

It's definitely love.  Is there anyone you admire, famous or not?


  1. Nos encanta Florence, de verdad, es toda una mujer. La amamos, Además su música es icreíble.


  2. People tell me that I look like her, which I find to be an awesome compliment. I'm not sure who I admire the most though :)


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