Thursday, 6 September 2012


I have been on my placement working in a hospital all week which has been going really well!! This week I'm on the 2-8 shift which sounds good as in the mornings you get a lie in and can go to bed quite late in the evenings, then don't have to wake up early the next day.  But it's quite difficult when I have an assignment to complete!  I have been working in Accident and Emergency this week which is my favourite place to work as I love looking at and working with gross stuff and blood and broken bones.  Although it's not always like that but I still love it!  It feels quite strange being a third year too.  Personally I do not feel ready to be a third year, I think my ability and knowledge is up to third year standard but it just feels scary realising I should know so much and in about 8 months time I will be fully qualified!  Eeeek!

I haven't been blogging much recently which has been driving me mad as there's posts I want to do but I'm living between my University house which doesn't have internet yet and my parents house while trying to do my assignment so I haven't had time.  But by Monday I should be settled in my University house and my assignment should be completed :)

So until then, here's a lovely picture of me in my sexy placement uniform:


  1. Good Luck with placement! :)
    enjoy it as it always goes too fast! x

  2. Good luck! :)
    I would love a uniform for placements haha! xx


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