Friday, 14 September 2012

My University House - Part 1

I am so tired and worn out from working on placement that I feel like if I try to do anything energetic I will keel over and pass out!  I am now back at my parents house for the weekend and have had food made for me and can relax and sleep.  It also means that I am reunited with my favourite camera that I stupidly left here!  On my camera are some pictures of my new house at university which I am in love with.  I took these last week when I first moved in.  I don't yet feel at home there but I'm sure I will soon enough.

My room halfway through unpacking:

Upstairs bathroom (right next to my room):

One half of the lounge:

Tomorrow my little brother is going off to university!!  I say little, he is 20 in just over a week, but to me he is still my little brother.  It feel like just yesterday I was starting university.  How time flies! I can't wait to see what his room is like so of course I volunteered to help him move in.  I am so nosey!  I love moving into new houses and unpacking and finding places for things.

Just one more week left of placement and I can resume normal life!  Although I'm starting to think, what is normal life?  I spend so much time switching from weeks at lectures to weeks on placement and it gets a bit frustrating not having one constant thing.  Ah well, just 8 more months until I am fully qualified and I cannot wait.  I feel like I am progressing on placement so well now and am quite pleased with how far I have come with all the learning I've been doing!

I hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. It looks lovely and so cosy!

    Thank you so much for following my blog!! You were my 200th follower, yaay!! Keep an eye on my blog, I'm doing an international giveaway soon as a thank you! :)

    Have an amazing weekend!!!


  2. lovely spacious room <3 what course are you on? x

    1. I'm studying Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging :)

  3. Your place is so cute! I love it! :) Thanks for following my blog! ;)

  4. Looks cosy :) x

  5. Your house looks great - would love a bath like that in my flat - we just have room for a tiny shower so I miss a good long soak in the tub terribly!


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