Monday, 27 August 2012

Festival Weekend!

So gutted I wasn't at Reading Festival this weekend.  With Foo Fighters, Green Day, Crystal Castles, Enter Shikari, Kaiser Chiefs, Bullet For My Valentine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Angels and Airwaves, Two Door Cinema Club, Billy Talent and Hadouken! it would have been an amazing weekend. On television I saw Kasabian's live set and a set from Florence + The Machine and they were brilliant!  However I had already been to Download Festival earlier on in the year and my poor student bank account wouldn't let me pay out for another festival.  So yesterday evening I went to a local, much cheaper one.

Of course I had to wear my new shorts, and paired these with leggings for warmth and my old black, scruffy boots in case it was muddy.  And I wore two t-shirts.  I like to layer my clothes at festivals - you never know what the weather is going to be!

Blue T-Shirt:  H! by Henry Holland
Black T-Shirt (underneath): Primark
Shorts: Primark
Leggings: River Island
Bag: H&M
Boots (few years old): Barratts

 It was a very fun evening with lots of wine and dancing.

Did anyone else go to Reading Festival or any other festivals this weekend?


  1. No, i really wanted to see paramore but i'm a poor student too, just an a-level one. Love your shorts! Btw did you go to creamfields? x

    Rose @

    1. Thanks :)
      No, I didn't. I would love to go some day though! It was cancelled halfway through wasn't it? Did you go?

    2. I don't know, I just thought it was on that day and you said it was local so i took a agues. No I didn't but I would have loved to go to reading :)xx

  2. Hei what festival you went to? And the line-up for Reading and Leeds was insane this year *sob*. Thumbs up for the outfit x

    Gallery 44

    1. I have no what it was called. Just a little local one with some not very well known bands.

      It was wasn't it!

  3. I was at reading Maria, it was brilliant- I blogged about it, but theres loads more photos on facey b for you to nose through.
    LAV your shorts, and the fact that you wore tights... so many bums hanging out of shorts at reading- was a little grim!

    1. Ahh you're so lucky for going!

      Thanks :) Eurgh, I hate hateee bums hanging out of shorts!

    2. Oh my God! So glad I wasn't the only one who had had enough of the bums at Reading. Your shorts are the cutest and remind me of a dress I picked up from Primark forever ago. I love your t-shirt too, it's so funny :) x

  4. That t-shirt looks so cute! My sister went to Reading festival this weekend and I was soo jealous. Determined to make sure I get to one next year!

    Sam x

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  6. Loving the t-shirt, my fav shade of blue. I found your blog on bloglovetherapy and now following. Stop by blog and say hello :)


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