Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Yearly Summary 2014

I have been reading blogs on what other people have achieved throughout the year, and this has got me thinking.  What have I achieved during 2014?  I cannot think of anything.  Not one single thing.  Has this year really been that meaningless?
Honestly, no, I don't think this year has been meaningless.  It's been a completely stress free year, full of smiles and laughter, and that feels awesome!
I have gone through the photos on my phone from the year and have selected the best ones to sum up my year!


I have come across this picture of me wearing a beard.  I cannot for the life of me remember why on earth I was wearing this beard, but I like it. This beard has definitely made a reappearance at other points throughout the year.


I went to the gym a lot.  It was time to get serious about fitness, and I have come so far since then!  My body looks so much better now I have gotten into a proper gym routine.


One heck of a St Patrick's Day party ensued, meaning lots of fun. and lots of beers.  Being drunk in London in the middle of the day is really quite strange, you step out of the club and you're like woah, it's still day light.  I love how friendly everyone is to each other on St Paddy's Day.


In April I must have overindulged on alcohol as pretty much every week I have pictures of nights out or lots of drinks.  Oops.


In May I brightened up my wardrobe, swapping my usual all year round dark and dingy colours for brighter colours.  I also dyed my hair this lovely colour.  May involved a week long holiday to Ibiza which was exactly what I needed, sun and relaxation.  We ended up at an awesome hippy market where there were loads of cool bands playing.  It was such a cool place.  I loved every second of Ibiza and would definitely go back.  The beaches were lovely.


Since I don't have a garden in my flat, when the sun started to appear I spent every possible moment at my parents house making the most of their garden.  I really wanted a tan!


The month I turned 24.  It seemed so old!  A few days after my birthday I packed my bags and jumped on the place to Barcelona.  I had never been there before and loved every second of it.  A few days in, we boarded the train and headed for Benicassim where we camped for a week and went to the music festival.  Camping in Spain in July was HOT. The festival was so, so good.  Then after we headed back to Barcelona for a few days to recuperate.  Such a good holiday!!  I had the time of my life.


This month seems to have been the time of pulling funny faces in pictures meaning very non-attractive pictures!  I found this picture from a night when I found a vase of roses in a bar and insisted on having my picture taken with the flower.  On this night we went for drinks with a friend that was leaving, there was lots of craziness that night.


I got pierced.  Now that's a funny story.  One Friday night after a few drinks one of my friends decided that they were going to get a piercing the next day, then another friend decided to go along too.  Then I was like hey why not, I will come too.  You can tell which is the new piercing in this picture from the redness and slight swelling.  This is the least I have ever thought about getting a piercing, such a spur of the moment thing!


The most talked about night of the month.  The night we went out dressed as pirates.  I was super excited as I love dressing up.  I wore a black bralet under a white shirt with a red skirt.  I added a belt which I tucked my sword into.  My black boots were perfect for this outfit and the pirate hat and eyepatch finished the look off. (Oh the state of that mirror.)


Remember, remember the 5th of November.  I love firework night!! This is my favourite night of November.  We went to the local park where they were having a firework display, it was such an awesome display and I watched in amazement.  There was a fair and we drank yummy hot chocolate in the cold.


The month of Christmas jumpers!  December has been fairly dull but with a couple of Christmas parties coming up it is sure to liven up!

All in all, an awesome year!!

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