Monday, 15 December 2014

Four Most Used Hair Products

My hair is my favourite thing about me.  It has always seemed so healthy and nice looking.  But years of dying and straightening had taken it's toll and it got to a point in the spring where my hair was looking a little dull and excessive amounts of hair seemed to be falling out every time I touched it.

Back in July I made the decision to grow my hair, and I decided that I was going to take it seriously.  No more dying, and no more straightening!  I prefer my hair short and red, so this has been a real challenge.  I haven't touched a single drop of hair dye and well, I have straightened my hair, but only the bare minimum.  The last five months of no hair dying has been so tough.  Each time I go in to the supermarket I eye up the hair dyes before reminding myself NO! The roots, don't get me started on those light brown roots!

So what products have I been using on my hair?  There are four main products that I have been using.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

I randomly picked this up in the supermarket when looking for a hair oil before dying my hair.  I immediately fell in love with it.  Firstly it smells so good!!  I could smell my hair all day.  I apply this to damp, towel dried hair.  I then comb it through and blow dry.  This oil makes my hair feel so soft and creates a little shine.  My hair is no longer dry and feels so silky.  I will purchase this time and time again.  My hair has never felt so soft!

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cherry

My Mum once told to never use dry shampoo as it's bad for your hair.  I honestly have no idea how true that it.  But I didn't listen to her and went ahead and bought the stuff anyway.  Then again, and again.  I first bought dry shampoo went I went to a festival and felt like it really freshened up my hair.  Now I use it in between washes.  I don't wash my hair very often.  Only once, or twice a week.  Gross I know.  I do have some excuses though.  Firstly, I have my hair up in a bun every day for work.  Newly washed hair and buns just don't go well together. Also I have such a busy life and... ok yes I would get time to wash my hair. Maybe I am just lazy.  Anyhow, using this dry shampoo in between hair washes gets rid of the oil leaving it feeling fresh and cleaner.  The cherry flavour smells good too.  Just make sure you massage this product through your hair!! The first time I used this I didn't and ended up with grey looking hair.  Not a good look!

Head & Shoulders

I use this product as I feel it is one of the few shampoos that gives me a thorough wash.  It smells so good, my hair smells like apples!  My hair feels so clean after using this product.  If I have been adding a lot of hair spray to my hair styles I feel that this product completely washes that out.  I will always have a stock of this shampoo.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Babies can use it.  So can I.  Don't you just love the smell of baby shampoo?  I feel like this stuff gives my hair a good enough wash.  I give my hair one wash with Head & Shoulders first, then Baby Shampoo for the second wash.  Another plus of using this is that I get shampoo in my eyes all the time, with this product I don't get that awful red eye puffy look after my shower.  I am sold!

Can you recommend any hair products to me?



  2. I love hair oils, I'm currently using one from Dove. The brand which is always a winner for me is TRESemme, every product I've tried - from heat protector spray to hairspray - was amazing!


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