Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pole Fitness

Every week I put on my dancing feet and go off to my dancing class... My pole dancing class that is.  Everyone needs some sort of hobby and my thing is pole dancing.

How did I get into it?
One of the first things that that people usually ask me when I tell them my hobby is how I got into this.  Back in September 2012 I was a student at university in my third year feeling like I needed a new hobby, so I looked at the different activities the university offered.  Then something caught my eye.  Pole fitness classes.  That sounds like fun I thought, so I went along and it was so much fun!  Boy did I ache the next day like you cannot imagine! But the fun kept me going and that soon turned into determination!

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My Pole Journey
From September to April I went to my pole classes once or twice a week enjoying each session more than the last as I learnt the different moves, improved on my techniques and developed my confidence.  In my class were a range of completely different people studying varying courses, all who had different experiences of pole from just a few weeks to many years.  I felt completely comfortable in the class, like no one was judging my ability, and the instructor was brilliant, catering for each individuals capability.  But by April the stresses of third year university crept up on me and with exams to revise for, essays and dissertations to write and work experience to attend, my attendance to the pole classes petered out.
By September 2013 I had finished university, moved to a new town and started a new job and decided to get back into pole, but after trying classes with two different companies I just couldn't find a class that I liked.  A year later I decided to try the search for a good  pole class again and fortunately, I found an awesome one!  I stuck with it and am still loving it as much as the day I started!

Why Pole?
So many reasons! Firstly, it's the most fun hobby I have ever had! There's nothing else that is quite like spinning round a shiny pole to the music, accomplishing the technique of a new move.  This also helps to develop confidence.   If you are used to getting into all sorts of moves in front of a group of people, sometimes in short shorts, then there are a lot of other things you can feel comfortable doing!   Fitness is also a large part of it.  I go to gym classes a lot, but doing pole works out the whole body, using muscles you didn't even know you had!  Pole fitness combines resistance training as well as cardiovascular exercise to develop endurance, muscle tone and flexibility.  You also meet new people along the way and make new pole friends, the social side of it is nice.  The motivation of improving each week and learning new moves keeps me coming back!

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What do you wear?
I honestly wear what I am comfortable in.  My usual pole outfit is exercise trousers or leggings, with a comfortable t-shirt and trainers.  Shorts and bare feet can be helpful with some moves as skin contact with the pole can help with grip.  There's no skimpy leotards with thongs and high heels.  If we are learning a dance routine we can wear heels if we want, but it's our choice how high the heel is and if we want to wear them or not.  A lot of the time I opt out because I am dangerous enough walking in heels, let alone learning a dance routine in them!

So do you do this as a job or....?
I'm not afraid to tell people what I do but people often think they are funny by asking if pole dancing is my evening job.  I normally go along with it.

Who can do pole?
In my pole class there are a wide range of people, from a 19 year old, to people in their late 40s.  From a teacher, to a nurse, a university student and a farmer.  In most pole groups, both men and women are welcome.  You usually have to be over the age of 18.

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I love my hobby and I will strive to keep on improving... perhaps I will document it here.
Do you have a different hobby that you are passionate about?


Thank you for reading. Any comments are appreciated :)