Sunday, 16 November 2014

Oh Hello There

What are Sundays for if they aren't for blogging?!  How I love Sundays!

I used to have a blog, but what with finishing university, moving house, and starting a new job with all sorts of funny hours as well as making new friends, I had little time and blogging just faded out of my life.  However I missed it and I am back!!

I didn't really know what to call this blog as it is going to be about anything in my life from clothes and make-up to music and food.  I like adventures, a lot.  So that is how I came up with the name.

I thought I would start this little blogging journey off with one of my favourite things, make that two of my favourite things.  Lush and spending money.  Yes, a Lush haul!!

1. So White shower gel
     2. Eau Roma Water Toner
     3. Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

So White Shower Gel

You can really smell the appley goodness in this shower gel, it makes my skin smell great and fills the bathroom up with it's lovely scent, but it is not too overpowering. After use, my skin feels so soft, smooth and fresh.  Would definitely buy this again!

Eau Roma Water Toner

I was looking for a product that isn't too harsh and something that does not dry out my sensitive skin and this seems to do the trick!  I have been putting this on morning and night after using my cleanser and before applying moisturiser.  My skin feels refreshed after use and it isn't too harsh.

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

This is my second purchase of this product,  Lush advises that this product can be used on the body and face, but I have only been using it on my face.  I feel that this soap does not lather too easily but that can be forgiven as it cleanses my face so well.  It's not too harsh on my skin but certainly does the job and leaves my face feeling clean and fresh.  I use this in the morning as the first product I put on my face, and in the evening after removing my make up.  This soap seems to keep any oily skin at bay, and my skin tends to be clearer in general.

As well as the above three products, I also treated myself to the Snowman Shower Jelly.  I have yet to use this, but I opened the pot to have a sneaky sniff and it smells so good!  I cannot wait to use it.

I love Lush, easily one of my favourite stores, and I wish I was able to buy all of their new Christmas products!!

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