Tuesday, 12 February 2013

February Bucket List

Carrying on from January's list that I made which you can find here, I am going to make 5 more aims.  This may be a little late seeing as it is February 12th already, however I have been busy writing essays and revising for exams, all of which I passed so the hard work paid off!

6. Learn to draw again.
I used to be really good at drawing and was something I did regularly, but in the last few years I didn't keep at it and I fear my drawing may not be so good anymore. So this is something I want to pick up again.

7. Save money.
As a poor student who doesn't earn money I spend way too much! So I need to cut down until I manage to get a job and start raking in the monies!

8. Read more.
I have a pile of books I haven't gotten around to reading yet. I used to read at least a book a week but I haven't touched a book in months! I enjoy reading and need to start on one of those books.

9. Regular exercise.
I already pole dance, jog and go to boxercise classes, but often I can become very lazy and don't bother doing much some weeks. I am still trying to get my dream body so I need regular exercise every week!

10. Get another piercing.
I got a new piercing last month and before I got that one, I had already started to plan my next one.  It won't be for a good few months but is something I definitely want to do.

Do you have any aims for February?



  1. 8. 9. and 10. are totally on my list too! x

  2. omg, I would love to try pole dancing! what do you think of it? it seems like such a great workout :D

    as for drawing, ugh, I know how you feel... I'd really like to start anew but I'm sure I would be terrible!

    1. I love pole dancing, I think it's one of the best activities I've done. It gives you a great workout - your whole body aches a lot for days after, and it's really fun too :)

  3. Save money, the thing I always put on my list but never achieve!

    1. Yes, it's one thing to aim to save money, but another to actually achieve it!
      I WILL achieve this goal though :D

  4. same here on all except the first and last. regular exercise makes me so happy - so why is it oh so hard to do??


    1. Regular exercise makes me happy too but it is extremely hard to get into the mindset to do!

  5. great post! :D
    The 9th is on my list too :D
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    let me know..


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