Thursday, 31 January 2013

Four Months

Loving the black nail varnish at the moment.  I use NYC Expert Last Nail Polish.  Really need a new top coat though, my current one chips far too easily.

My hands and nails are in a state.  I need to get back into a good moisturising routine.  I blame the cold weather!!

I cannot believe it is the end of January!  I didn't even realise until I was reading through other blogs today.  This means just four months of university left!  Eeeeeeee that's scary!  This month has gone too fast but I have achieved quite a lot.  I have always wanted to do an Instagram post, so I am doing a January one for the sake of it and just because I can:

1. I learnt to bake. 2. Went back to university. 3. Had a few shopping sprees.
4. It was cold so I lived in slippers. 5. Had a few drunken nights out. 6. I got pierced!
7. Love these nails. 8. Addicted to hot chocolate because it was cold. 9. Became addicted to these shoes.

I have an exam next Thursday so now it's time to revise like mad!


  1. Good luck with your revision, 4 months to go, wow that is exciting! :) I liked your round up (I am a geek and really enjoy these, probably because I am nosey)

    Janine xx
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    1. Thanks :)
      Haha I'm nosey too and like looking at those.

  2. cute nails & I love your photo collage!

    new follower!

  3. My hands are suffering horribly from the cold too. I have been using hand cream like crazy lately. I do love your black tipped nail.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  4. Thank you for following me, I follow you back on GFC and BLOGLOVIN. Thank you! xoxo

  5. nice pics ! the nail art is cute :)
    what about following each other?

  6. I already follow your blog, now it's your turn ;)

  7. They look really nice, but I chew my nails to bad to pull it off xx

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