Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Revision, Revision, Revision

In a weeks time my exams will be over! I cannot wait!  But until then it's lots and lots of studying for me!

There are so many things I want to buy at the moment but I have so little money!  I guess I will have to buy the essentials first.  The essentials being Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam and Clarifying Lotion.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

I love this stuff!  I use it everyday without fail.  Usually twice a day:  in the morning, and just after I've taken my make-up off at night.  It is as it says, it's a foam and it removes all excess make-up which is left on my skin.  After using this foam my skin is left feeling lovely and soft, smooth, fresh and clean.  It's great!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion

After using the foam wash and my face is dry, I use the clarifying lotion.  I also use this twice a day and the bottle lasts me around 4 to 5 months, as does the foam.  With some of the lotion on a cotton wall ball I sweep it over my face and neck.  After use my face feels completely oil free and very clean.

I'm so tired I'm starting to see double.  It's 22:06.  Is it too early to go to bed yet?

M x

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  1. nice review. i like clinique products. your blog is awesome.:) wishing you all the best on your new blog, and am following. cheers from usa!


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