Wednesday, 11 January 2012

And Still We Will Be Here, Standing Like Statues

There are two albums that I can't wait to listen to.

Enter Shikari
A Flash Flood Of Colour
Due for Release: 16 January 2012

Being one of my favourite bands, I get excited whenever there is anything new with Enter Shikari.  After recently hearing their new record, Arguing With Thermometers, I suddenly got mega excited about this album.  Now the decision is, to pre-order or not?  It's only 5 days away...

Due for Release: 2 April 2012
The first play of their newest song, Better Off Dead, was aired last Friday on BBC Radio One.  As well as Enter Shikari, the other band I love is Lostprophets. So I set my alarm at 8:30 last Friday morning to listen to their new song.  My first impression?  I was not impressed.  I am a mad Lostprophets fan.  But I didn't quite know what to make of this new song.  Was it rapping?  Talking over music?  I'm not quite sure.  By the end of the song I was feeling a bit better about it.  Maybe it will be one of those songs I will grow to like over time?  I haven't listened to the song since, and don't plan to until April when the album comes out.  And I will sit and listen to the album all the way through without an interruption.  I am very excited to see how the new song, Better Off Dead, fits in with the album, and their new sound (that they have maybe taken on??).

After my rambling about Lostprophets, if you're interested in listening to their new song then head over to here.

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