Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Room: Part 1

I have decided to do a bedroom post, because despite what I am going to say about my room, I feel that in some ways it does reflect my personality and I think it's nice to know the person behind the blog.

I cannot stand my room.  I live in a student house and have the biggest room, but with the ugly navy carpet and cream blu-tack marked walls and the old, student feel of the house, my room just doesn't feel like mine.  Last year I had the smallest room in the house (a different house) and managed to decorate it lovely and it felt cosy and homely.  I have also perfected my room at my parents' house and love how everything is set out.  This year I have tried to do the best I can with my new room but I just don't like it.

So here is my student bedroom:

The bed.  I'm not too fond of the duvet covers that are on at the moment, but at least they brighten up the room.  I absolutely love the bed though.  We bought this when we moved in because the bed before... was just gross.  Memory foam mattress.  It is SO comfy.  I could lay in bed all day.

Bottom of the bed.  To the left are cushions, these used to be on the bed, but every night they got kicked off and I got sick of picking them up again every morning.  So now they mostly live on the floor and only occasionally go back onto the bed.  I do love cushions.  To the right are my speakers.  I could never live without my music.  In front is the wardrobe which I hate.  There's just no space in there!  Also, check out the ridiculously old plug socket which doesn't even have switches.  It is the only plug socket in the room and I am always getting electric shocks from it.  Stupidity!

The wardrobe.  See! I said there wasn't much room in there!

My lovely Welsh flag.  I have a massive love for Wales. This flag has been on many trips with me.  This is the only place I can stick stuff up for fear of making even more blu-tack marks on the walls. 

I will call this my make up corner.  There's my mirror with long necklaces hanging from the corners, with various shoe boxes stacked under the mirror to make it higher... It's still not high enough but I can't put nails in the wall.  Then there's a bag where I store some bits in and my hairdryer and GHDs.  My drawers with all my make-up and beauty products on top, neatly organised but in a messy way, if that is even possible.  Then there's my stack of lecture and revision notes which I have nowhere to put so they are just stacked at the side of the room.

The other corner.. with my bag of bags to the left.  And random notes and diagrams stuck to the door.. I stuck them there to help remember stuff, but I never take any notice of them.  You can see the horrible blu-tack marks just above the mirror.

Lastly, here's the wonky desk.  It is actually just balancing there because like everything else in this house, it is manky and broken.  With my TV, boyfriend's playstation, some bottles of alcohol and uni notes.  My little heater is on the floor - this thing has stopped me from turning into a block of ice!  The heating is rubbish in this house.  I did have a chair and used to sit at the desk on my laptop, but the boyfriend stole my chair and I don't see myself getting it back any time soon!  Just like I had some fairy lights up in my room, but now I can't use them because the boyfriend stole my extension lead so now I can't plug them in and when I asked for it back the answer was no, because apparently he uses it everyday.  How rude!

So this is my horrible room.  I hate it and I cannot wait to move out.  I might have to go on a shopping trip to see what else I can do to pretty-fy my room!

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  1. supper cute love your make up corner x



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