Monday, 30 January 2012

I want!

I want this!
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
I had a sample packet from some Clinique stuff I ordered ages ago but wanted for wait for a time that I had particularly dry skin on my face to try it.  That time was this weekend, and I am impressed!  It comes as a gel and it smoothes onto the face so lovely, and doesn't feel sticky or greasy or anything.  It made my face feel quite fresh and almost felt as if it worked immediately as I had quite dry skin.  I tend to break out in areas of my face really easily, and some moisturisers and other products can really irritate my skin as I have quite sensitive skin.  But this stuff did no harm.
I managed to eek out the gel to last two applications.  The first time I tried it was at night.  The gel felt so smooth going over my face and I waited for it to soak in and then went to sleep.  In the morning my skin was feeling very soft and hydrated, and no spots or irritation in sight.  The next time I tried it was before applying my foundation in the morning.  Again, it was great.
It's quite expensive at £30 a pot.  A bit out of my price range.  This stuff really is that good though so I might have to sacrifice £30 for it.

My cold and illness has gone! Yay!  I'm so busy at the moment with uni stuff and placement and work and trying to learn loads of things and do assessments, I feel like I never have any time for myself.  I am working seven days a week at the moment.  It's mad!!


  1. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much.


  2. I'm the same, I have sensitive skin that HATES anything thick and greasy on it but this sounds lovely! I'll definitely need to give it a try - £30 is pretty pricey for me too but maybe I could persuade a certain boyfriend to put it on a certain birthday wishlist for me? SO cunning! mua hah hah! xxx


  3. Yes yes yes, I LOVE this stuff! I usually put it on each night & it honestly feels like heaven, it makes your skin so soft. Definitely worth the money :)

    <3 Shawna


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