Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Switzerland Adventures: Part V

Earlier on in the week I shared my stay in Bern with you, which you can read here.  Whilst I was staying in Bern, I took a day trip to Geneva.  

I traveled by train so let's just take a moment to appreciate the views from the train window.  In no way do the photos capture how amazing the views looked in real life, but they don't look bad!

As soon as I stepped off the train in Geneva my jaw hit the floor.  Everything looked so different than the other places I had visited in Switzerland.  Everything looked so expensive!! Everyone was wearing suits.  Everything looked amazing.

Every place I went to in Switzerland there seemed to be mountains, either right there or in the background.  There were also lakes everywhere.  What a beautiful country.

I did a lot of walking around, with my mouth open, staring at everything.  Then I went to sit down.  There was a place where you could sunbathe by the lake but you had to pay to go to that particular place, so I found some rocks and sat down for a long time.  It was the hottest day of the trip, and I had taken a book, but I just sat for hours staring at the scenery and everything around me, lost in my thoughts.  I felt so at peace and the most relaxed I had felt in a long time.

The Jet d'Eau was something else.  It was spectacular.  There was a walkway where you could walk out into the river, right past this massive water fountain, where you felt the spray of water and could take a closer look.  I am afraid of heights where I'm not enclosed in something, and where this was not particularly high up, it was above a body of water and my knees were knocking.  Still, I walked down the whole walkway and all on my own!

I absolutely loved Geneva,  I would quite happily go back again and spend a couple of nights.

I also took a quick visit to Lausanne where some crazy man asked where I was from and when I said England, he replied "from London or Manchester?"  So I said London because that was just easier.  He was then encouraging me to take my clothes off and jump into the water, which I didn't do, but it was very tempting as it was so hot.

Next stop: Zurich, my last stop.  

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  1. So pretty!!! I'm looking forward to see the pictures on Zurich. Hope the end of your trip is super good!!


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