Monday, 3 August 2015

Switzerland Adventures

Guess what?! I finally have internet! Woohoo!! So I am here today to tell you about my adventures in Switzerland. I will have to do this in parts as I went to 9 towns and cities, and took 2000 photos.

On Tuesday 14th July I set off from London to Zurich.  I felt so unprepared, I had only booked it a week prior to the trip, but had spent that week doing so much research.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to land in this country I had never visited before.  I nearly cried on the flight there, I thought I had forgotten to take my bank card, but I was saved and found it in my luggage in Zurich airport.  I took the train into Zurich, then walked to the hostel.  I'll admit, I got a bit lost.  But thanks to the google maps images I had screenshotted on my phone, and the research that I had done, I was able to re-trace my steps and eventually found the place late afternoon.

I loved Zurich, the weather was gorgeous, so I spent the afternoon exploring the city.  I only spent an afternoon here, so I didn't get to see too much, but I think you could probably see the main sights in one day.  You wouldn't want to spend much more than a day here due to the expense of things!

I loved the architecture of the buildings, they were so pretty, and the lake looked so clean!  Everything looks so stylish in Zurich, from the shops and restaurants, to the people and buildings.  I sat by the lake for ages which was lovely, there were bars on the lake which I would definitely check out if I visited the city again.  So many churches too! Then there's the mountains in the background which tops off the appeal of it all.

In the evening I chilled out at the hostel which had a rooftop terrace, it was so nice to watch the sun go down over the city.  I met some other people, from America and Spain, who were travelling around Europe.  This is what I loved so much about this trip, apart from exploring the beautiful cities and the sights, was meeting so many people from so many different places.  We went out for a few beers in the evening.  Be careful where you go for beers in Zurich, it can get expensive!! However there are so many bars, I felt like I had to go out for at least one!

The next day I set off for Interlaken on the train.  The trains in Switzerland have Starbucks on them!! How amazing is this?!  I definitely needed this coffee due to a slight headache, I blame the beer and lack of sleep.  Why can't trains in the UK have Starbucks on them?!  The train services are excellent, hardly ever delayed and the train journeys are so smooth.

Also, they have double decker trains!  Be sure to get onto the 2nd class carriage (if you don't have a first class ticket) as they are pretty strict and it's a big fine if you're in the wrong carriage.  In fact, make sure you have a ticket in the first place.  I bought my train ticket before I left England (I will explain about this in a future post) and I'm so glad I did as there are ticket inspectors on almost every train.

The views from the trains were amazing.  I didn't mind having to sit on the train for a few hours, because I would plug in my headphones and look at the beautiful scenery.  The lakes, the mountains, and the rest of the scenery was nothing like I had seen before.

Eventually, I arrived at Interlaken West train station, the next leg of the journey began...

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  1. 2000 photos!? So many ahaha! Sounds like you had a lovely time, I love the photos you shared on here!

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