Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Today's Outfit

I have certainly made the most of my Monday and Tuesday off.  Yesterday I went shopping to Cambridge and today I ended up shopping in Watford, now I have completed all of my Christmas shopping... and may have spent a bit too much money on myself.  Oops.  But that is for another post.

Today I wasn't sure what to wear as the shopping in Watford is both inside and outside.  It was very cold outside, but inside the shops it can get very hot.  I ended up wearing burgundy coloured trousers from H&M with my old, slightly muddy boots.  I wore a black top from Primark with a silver and black kimono from H&M.  Then on top I wore my warm coat from River Island.

If anything, these trousers have taught me that I need to loose weight.  I spent the whole day trying not to breathe too deeply in case the button of my trousers fell off as they were so tight!!


  1. I have to do that too with some of my trousers! It's awful whenever I sit down I feel like a muffin! I always place my jacket behind me so no one can see those rolls ahaha x The Caramel Cat

  2. Great boots!

  3. love the jacket and cardigan (nice print!)

    Animated Confessions

  4. So cute! The military jacket is really on trend! ;)




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