Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Party #1 Sequins and Silver

Friday was the evening of my work Christmas party. As per usual I left it until the last minute to get a dress.  I was starting to panic when at the last minute I fell in love with a dress from Warehouse on the ASOS website which you can find here.

This dress was perfect for me.  It is covered in sequins, and I am in love with sequins at the moment.  It was the perfect fit, leaving a little bit of room around the waist for food and drink, and was the perfect length.

It was a good night with lots of yummy food, including a lovely Christmas dinner, plenty of drink (perhaps a bit too much), and a good deal of laughter with some dancing to finishing the evening off.  Not leaving out the part where we went into town after, I slipped in a puddle of drink and now my knee is purple and very swollen.  So accident prone.

Al in all a lovely evening and I am now feeling even more Christmassy.


  1. I love the dress - sounds like a great night apart from slipping over aha! Although, I always find one too many bruises on my legs after a night out..

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Your dress looks cute!
    Very Christmasy!

    Life of Jana


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