Saturday, 9 November 2013

Last Few Weeks + October Empties

I cannot believe we are this far into November already.  I have been incredibly busy in the last few weeks.  Working, spending time with friends, working, trying to squeeze in time with family, working and trying to find time to relax.  So here is a sum up of the last few weeks in pictures.
1. Newly dyed and cut hair. 2. Fog in the hills. 3. Wore my boots out. 4. Trying on ridiculous things for Halloween. 
5. Make-up-less face. 6. Got a nose piercing! 7. Lots of Barocca was greatly needed. 8. Almost killed the microwave.
9. Made strawberry and white chocolate cupcakes. 10. Getting my boobs out? Dressed as a zombie Doctor. 11+12. 5th November. Fireworks!

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October Empties

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil
Oil?  On your face?!  Exactly what I thought too.  Surely it will make my face greasy and cause my skin to break out?  However it caused quite the opposite effect.  I used this product before applying make-up in the morning and my face did not become oily or greasy, and I am sure my skin was clearer whist using this product.  This product left my skin feeling lovely and soft.  I only had a tester and it lasted for ages.  So even though the full size bottle is £30 I think it is well worth it given the effect it had, and how long it lasts.

It's Potent Eye Cream, Benefit
Benefit claims that this moisturising cream fades dark circles and helps to smooth fine lines.  Did it fade dark circles from my tired eyes?  I am not sure, quite possibly.  It did, however have a very good moisturising effect.  This product is a thick cream with a freshening effect that lasts a long time.  I use this every day before applying make-up and was amazed at how long it lasted.  I would buy this product again, however before I do, I may try a cheaper moisturiser.

Peaches and Clean, Cleansing Milk, Soap & Glory
This was not the first time I had bought this product.  It is one of my favourite cleansers.  It is gentle on the skin, smells lovely and is a great cleanser.  I use this product at night after removing make-up and washing my face.  It is amazing to see all that extra dirt and make-up coming off my face.  Definitely a must-have for me!

Great Lash Mascara, Maybelline
I have purchased this mascara quite a few times.  It is not too expensive and I really like it as a day-to-day mascara.  Maybelline claims that this product thickens eyelashes without clumps... and it does just that.  Too many times I have bought mascara and it turns out to be clumpy.  I hate that.  So this mascara is a winner for me.

Well that was my first ever empties post.  I am slowly trying out new things on this blog :)

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  1. Love your hair, Love the way it looks on you :)


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