Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sexy Eyes and Halloween

Do you ever feel like you are living in a dream? I often feel like I am. At the moment my life is perfect for me. I have an awesome job, I have developed good friendships, I have my own independence living with a few flatmates, my family do not live too far away and I enjoy life. My life doesn't feel real. I am now well and truly settled into my new life in this different town and feel like my decision to move and work over here has been the best one I have made in a long time.  Now I have this sorted out, I can carry on blogging regularly and continue enjoying and making the most of life!

New Mascara
I often buy foundation from Lily Lolo, and with a recent purchase they sent me a free mascara, Lash Alert Natural Mascara.  I am a bit wary of free mascaras, but nevertheless I tried this one out and I love it!  Lily Lolo claims that this mascara will volumise and lengthen lashes and it certainly does that! My eyelashes are naturally quite long, but this mascara makes my lashes look amazingly lengthened!  It's not too thick or clumpy, and it's not too much to wear during the day.  I have been wearing this to work, and on  evenings out.  I will definitely be purchasing this in the future!

With Halloween coming up I am getting quite excited.  I love fancy dress, especially Halloween fancy dress and zombies are definitely my thing.  So whilst shopping yesterday I had to buy some fake blood to start off the costume preparations.  I have not quite decided what I will be dressing up as yet, but certainly something zombiefied.  I cannot wait!

Do you have a Halloween costume yet?

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