Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Finally! Nice Nails!

I'm studying Radiography at University which requires me to attend a lot of placement... in a hospital... where we have to keep our nails cut short and free from nailvarnish at all times due to hygiene reasons.  The nail varnish rule didn't bother me too much, but I hate the fact that I have to keep my nails cut short!  I love having long nails.  However now it's my summer holidays I can do whatever I want with my nails!

So I did this:

This is what I used:

My nails before I started:

The products I used to do this I got as a gift, but I've done some research and this is their website: http://www.fxnailz.co.uk/.  You can also get their products on ebay here and here.

First I painted my nails in one colour (the smaller bottle in the picture).  I chose a metallic very light pink.  I used two coats of this, and waited for it to dry.  I then painted on the foil adhesive, which is like a glue.  Once you paint it on, the nails turn purple, and you have to wait for this adhesive to turn clear before you can begin the next step.  By this stage your nails will be very sticky, so watch out!

The next stage is to use the foil which comes in a roll, as pictured above.  You can get many different colours and patterns, I chose a pink swirly one.  You apply the foil to your nail and smooth it down, making it stick.

The next step is to take the foil backing off, leaving the pattern behind.  I have done this quite a few times and this is the only time I have been successful in doing this.  Before I was peeling it off slowly, being very careful and it was taking off all my nailvarnish with it!  This time I ripped it off very quickly, the same sort of action as if I was waxing, and it turned out perfect!

Once the pattern has stuck down to your nail, the next stage is to use the Top Coat Sealer (which is the bottle with the red liquid in pictured above).  I suppose you could use any brand Top Coat nail varnish, but I used the one that came with the pack as it does it's job well.  I like to apply two or three coats of this.  And there we go, my nails were finished.

A bit messy, but a pretty good attempt I think seeing as I haven't done this in a very long time!  I'm quite proud of my new nails!


  1. They look really pretty! :) xx

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  3. your nails look incredible, I love that design :)
    Love Holz oxo


  4. Oh these look really cool! Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving a sweet comment! Look forward to getting to know you!

  5. What a cute stamping pattern!

  6. Love your nails! They are so intricate yet summery :)
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  8. These are pretty! The light pink is such a nice colour :)

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  9. Ohhhhh I love them maria- gorgeous much!!

    Missed you lady, need a catch up <3

  10. woohoo! I am your 100th follower :)

    I love your nails they are so cute!

    xoxo Jessica

    1. Woooo! How exciting!
      (I don't mean for that to sound sarcastic. I actually think it's exciting. LOL)
      Thank you :)


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