Thursday, 1 March 2012


Morning!  I can't believe it's March already!  But the sky is blue and the sun is shining which means summer is on it's way!  I should be in a lecture right now.  But I woke up a bit too late, so now I have to miss it, whoops.

I dyed my hair on Tuesday night.  I used the dye I always use:

However, instead of leaving the dye in for 20 minutes like normal, I left it in for about 45 minutes.  I did this on purpose.  And this is the result:

Yes, I know my hair is a mes.  I haven't brushed it or even touched it this morning.

I'm not sure if I like it or not yet.  I think I do, I probably just need to get used to it, I haven't had it this red in ages (maybe even ever?!).

Yesterday evening I went shopping.  I was good and didn't spend much.  I bought these three items:

1. Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes Illuminating Under-Eye Serum.  £10.50
I can't really comment on this much as I only bought it yesterday.  I used it last night and it made the skin under my eyes sting quite a lot, but the stinging went away quite quickly.  I used it again today before applying my makeup and it didn't sting so much.  I'll keep on using it for a bit to see if it makes any difference.

2. Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Balm.  £5.00
I bought the Juicy Peach one.  You could also get it in coconut and chocolate cherry.  I already love this stuff!  It smells amazing!  It is quite sticky but it does the job well and my lips feel really smooth.

3. Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Cool Jade.  £3.99

Both pictures are with one coat.

I thought the colour would be a bit lighter than this, it's a bit darker than what I expected.  I don't think I would wear this on my fingernails, probably on my toenails instead.

Now I am off to learn some nervous system anatomy and physiology before my lectures this afternoon!


  1. You have been nominated for a versatile blogger award xx

  2. I love your blog!


  3. I love love LOVE that nail polish colour!

  4. Worry not about your hair as it still looks fabulous. I am also dying to dye my hair, but i am a bit apprehensive though that i might not able to arrive at the result i want. Have it done in a salon is quite expensive. :(

    Paris Hilton perfume

    1. Thank you :) I was a bit worried at first too. But having your hair done in a salon is expensive!! So I just went for it with the thought that if it went wrong, it's not permanent and I could hopefully dye over it to cover it up.

  5. Wow, I'm always terrified of home-dye kits but your hair looks amazing! LOVE the colour.

    I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did, I love it!

    Cat xxx

  6. What a beautiful nail color!=)
    As for L`Oreal, I use their color in the strongest red I could find for about a year.Their reds are fine, but where I live their products are a bit expensive.=(((
    Will become your follower.=))))


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