Friday, 27 January 2012


I actually wrote this yesterday,  but didn't get time to check it over so couldn't post it.

I had to phone in to sick to work today.  I felt way too rough to go in and didn't fancy sneezing all over the patients.  So I've lay in bed pretty much all day.  I also sorted out all my jewellery.  It was all over the place and now it's in neat little boxes.  I love feeling organised.

Today I booked my tickets to see Lostprophets in Wales in April.  I really cannot explain how excited I am.  I absolutely love Lostprophets, but to see them in Wales is even better.  I also love going shopping in Cardiff, I always have to have a little shopping trip when I'm there.

I keep on find myself looking at shoes, wishing I had the money to buy all these nice shoes.  But sadly I don't.  If I did have the money these are the top five that I would buy.

Jimmy Choo Zebra Print Sandals
I've always wanted a shoe with a flower of some sort on.

Lanvin Suede Moccasins.
I really love this colour!

Giuseppe Zanotti Embellished Suede and Leather Slingbacks

Jimmy Choo Wallach Canvas

Jimmy Choo Wallach Patent-Leather Ballet Flats

I love looking at stuff I'll never be afford... And dreaming...

I need a new pair of boots. I have been looking for a new pair for months now and still haven't found the perfect pair.  It's so frustrating!

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  1. I love the third pair down! Hope your feeling better!


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