Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My new clothes arrived from Topshop today! Yay! 
This is what I got:

Vintage-Feel Bib Dress by Rare
I quite like this dress however I'm not too sure on the neckline, it's very high up on my neck.  However I think I'm going to keep it because I do like it.  I'm not sure if it's one of those things I think I'm going to wear and then in a years time I will be looking through my wardrobe and realise I have never worn it though.  

With this shop I decided to buy items that I would usually look at and think, I wonder what that would look like, but wouldn't normally buy.

Faux Leather Waistband Flannel Skirt in Teal
and Foil Block T-shirt

I like the skirt.  I really like the colour.  I just need to find something to wear with it now.  Although I'm not too happy, it has streaks of dirt all down the front of it.  It looks like it will brush off though.  Not happy Topshop! I expect my new clothes to be clean!

I'm not too sure about the tshirt.  I was expecting it to be tighter fitting than it is.
Also, this outfit makes me look a bit chunky which I am not happy with considering the weight I have just lost.  Might just end up sending them both back.

Unicorns Boyfriend Tee by Illustrated People
This one is.. OK. I was hoping it would cover my bum a bit more though, then I could have worn it with leggings.  But we'll see.

What I've Been Up To Today.
I had my physics exam this evening.  Yuck.  At 6pm.  Who schedules an exam for 6 in the evening?!  It was quite nice I suppose though, I had all day to revise and relax a bit in between.
Then we went to McDonalds.  To celebrate end of exams?!  HA. Now I feel fat and gross.
Tomorrow is assignment day.  Hand in is on Friday. AHHH. I always leave things until the last minute.  MEGA STRESS.

What I wore today:
I like to be comfortable in exams and not have to fidget around with what I'm wearing.
So I wore I my x-ray t shirt, jeans and my grey jacket.  I am in desperate need of new jeans after two pairs recently broke.  But I'm really fussy with jeans and have to shop around for ages until I find some that I like and that are a good fit.  The grey jacket is one of my favourites. 

The necklace is one my Mum brought back from Italy last year.  I love it.  It's quite different.  But I haven't worn it much so I thought I would give it an airing.

The boots I wore were from last year.  I haven't worn them in AGES.  I really do love them though so I'll be getting them out a bit more.



  1. Love the unicorn t shirt1 Great blog, Im now following!

    1. Thank you :)
      I think the unicorn tshirt was my favourite.

  2. I loved the skirt! too bad that they didn't sent it clean. The dress is lovely also, perfect for spring.

    xoxo Julieta

  3. Loving that blue skirt and lingerie pieces you picked! :) That gray blazer also matched well with your shirt and jeans. :))

  4. Impressive haulage!!
    Thanks so much for following me :) xx

  5. Great buys!! I love the unicorn top, so cute :) x


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