Friday, 3 August 2012


I have a cupboard full of clothes that I never wear.  Simply because I have way too many clothes to take to Uni.  This cupboard consists of the clothes that are my least favourite and oldest items.  Today I went rummaging in that cupboard looking for a certain black dress, which I never found, but came across some of the clothes that I used to wear when I was 16.  I of course tried some of these clothes on (feeling very happy that they still fit me), decided I looked awful in them, and then put them in the pile to send to the charity shop.  This got me onto realising how much my style has changed since I was 16/17, even in the last few years!  I used to dress terribly!  Well at least through my rummage I found a few nice skirts which I can start wearing again.
Clothes for the charity shop.
No idea where the other shoe went!!

While looking through the same cupboard I also found some other bits.
Remember these?!...

These bring back memories!!  I would have started playing on that Gameboy if I had found any games!

Well I have spent all day watching films and drinking tea.  And guess what I am going to spend all night doing?  I hope you are all having a better Friday evening than me!


  1. Its always good to get rid of things we don't use.
    New follower from A Little Unhinged blog hop.

  2. I like those tops (lol). I have a hard time letting things go, but when we give them to those that need them it feel a little better. You should create a lil memory box of your teenage years for your children and grandchildren. Wouldn't that be fun to pull out in 20 years and compare what stuff they have then, especially the video game :)

    Following you from the Unhinged Blog hop as Shalasha and hope you will also follow my blog in return. A Loving Lasting Marriage.

    Thanks so much !

  3. That's cool you still have some clothing items back from when you were 16/17. Those sweaters on the first two pictures are very cute. If I had that red and white sweater, I'd wear it all the time. :D

    It's been a long time since I've seen cassette tapes and floppy disks. I used to collect cassette tapes and kept them in a shoebox. Those were the days. Haha...

    It's been fun looking through your nostalgia post. Thank you also for leaving a comment on my blog and for following back too. Take care and have a great weekend. :)

  4. Wow i used to love my gameboy haha its nice to look back old things that brings back memories x

  5. I love purging the house of old things it brings on a sense of renewal.
    Happy Little Feet

  6. Hi love :) Thank you for following my blog, I followed back :) I am definitely on the same page as you: when I look back at old photos of myself from when I was 16-17 I cringe!! Hahaha! And I also still have a gameboy, but it's in black and white LOL!! x

  7. oh gosh floppy disks...i vaguely remember them! lol funny how things change...

    Check out my review for the new Dior perfume! :-)

  8. Cute blue Gameboy... and floppy disks... those were the days. LOL.

    Yup, fashion has definitely changed a lot - it changes so much every few years.

    I actually think your sweaters are cute - I'd like to have that red one the most!

  9. Your game boy is far more advanced than mine was! I had the beasty old school hideous yellow one! No idea where it went though


  10. I love the third sweater though - it looks really gorgeous;-)))

  11. I really love you're blog! :)
    I follow u, dear. My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :D :D :D

    A lot of kisses, honey.


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